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I love spring. There is so much going on at this time of the year that makes spring such a fun time; for both the body and the soul.
When the first of March begins to pull us out of the doldrums of winter there is an internal clock that tells me it is time to roll out of the slumber that I have been in for the last several months, look up at the bright sky, breath in the pollen that assures us that the plants are repopulating and feel the warmth of the life giving sun as the earth performs the yearly swing toward the life giving star that gives life to this beautiful blue planet.
By the end of March spring has officially arrived and we are being reinforced with the knowledge that life continues. The warmth from the sun has heated the soil and the grass peeks its’ head up and magically photosynthesis takes place; chlorophyll is produced and the brown and drab of winter becomes a bright and inwardly pleasing green. Flowers bloom, trees bear fruit and the soul is refreshed. The animal kingdom brings forth life. Unlike humans, the animal kingdom is on a reproduction schedule and spring ushers in life and a reassurance that a species will continue to survive.
Human history has a way of mimicking nature. John Locke, the religious writer that predated the founding fathers, influenced the writers of the Constitution. He wrote of the State of Nature and the 3rd Treatise of Government and thus his writings helped to guide the writers of our Constitution. For those that are of the Christian faith, a major aspect of our belief structure centers around birth, death and rebirth and it is this rebirth that we are about to celebrate.
Just as winter brings death, gloom and doom to our planet; so did the death of Jesus do the same for the believers of Christianity. Jesus’s presence had provided hope to a people that had been oppressed by Roman rule while his teachings promised everlasting life. At his death the winter of the religion took place. Certainly, there was great anguish as the realization that Jesus was dead swept across the Christian enclaves. Then just as Spring follows Winter and life renews itself, the Christian religion sprang back to life with the rebirth, the resurrection, of Jesus. Imagine the excitement and the renewal in the Christian belief as the religion regained its’ leading light. Spring had sprung and just as new bright green sprouts emerge around the yard ushering in a new year and refortifying our belief that there is truly a future, the prophets and other religious teachers sprouted around the world and continued to grow and spread the new religion.
If a person wants to truly experience the rejuvenation of nature and the good feelings that spring ushers in, go out to a sunrise service that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and the assurance that life continues. Happy Easter everyone.


This will appear in the Bernice Banner, Bernice Louisiana, the week of 3/27/2016.

I love spring and I love Easter.  The little children with Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs or dragging around a stuffed bunny by its ears are priceless.  Easter dresses in pastel colors, bright green grass and flowers erupting from a dormant stem are all part of the holiday.  As beautiful as the holiday period is there is a far more significant aspect to Easter.  For Christians it is a period in time, not just a day, where Jesus died and following two days of sorrow and darkness he was resurrected and among cheers of rejoicing and light reaffirmed that life does go on.  How fitting that Easter falls during the spring period of our calendar.  Just as Easter reinforces our optimism in continued life despite the obstacles placed in front of us as we travel through our journey of life; Spring likewise assures man that re-birth takes place yearly.  An optimist embraces spring, a pessimist does not understand it.  A Christian understand the meaning, an atheist misses much of the beauty and true meaning.

Spring has had a significant place in the daily lives of cultures around the world.  Observing Spring from a natural aspect, the days get noticeably longer.  The first day of spring is also known as the Spring solstice.  Days and nights are the same length and each day gets longer until the first day of summer is reached in June.  New growth “springs” out giving the season its’ name.  One requisite of new birth signified by the blossoming of flora is water and spring is a time of year that usually sees the highest level of rain.  Unfortunately for us living in North Louisiana, mother nature has provided a higher level of moisture this spring than our streams and lakes can handle and we are living the effects of the flooded waterways.

Spring has had a religious significance since before recorded time.  Today this significance is celebrated in countries around the world.  Albania began a national holiday in 2004 to commemorate Spring while Australia holds a carnival of horse racing.  The Jewish Passover is also known as the Spring Holiday while spring was celebrated in ancient Mesopotamia as the cutting of the barley.  Many other countries celebrate this holiday and appears to be a part of life that is rooted in the psyche of the world since primeval times.

The one thing that spring gives all of us is the assurance that life continues.  Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.  Wishing everyone a Happy Easter.