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Several years ago I began writing about Vladimir Putin and the potential power he could obtain. At the early stages of the writings I had cautioned that Putin was a power to be reckoned with when he first took power. He was arrogant and vain but most importantly he had been a ranking member of the KGB, the Soviet Union’s equivalent to the CIA. During his time with the KGB, the Soviet Union had been a gigantic world power only to crumble to become a shadow of its’ previous power. Putin played on the pride of the former communist countries’ citizens and stormed into power.
He played on the emotions of a populace that had thrown off the yokes of communism to embrace a democratic and free country and a new market economy. Unfortunately the western countries to include the United States did not move as quickly and as strongly as it should have. Many of the Soviet satellite countries to include Poland, the Check republic, Romania and numerous other former communistic countries fared very well. They changed their leadership and governments and have emerged as successful examples of Democracy. Russia, the mother land, had made great strides but it is a gigantic country and there was a lot of work required to move a behemoth to a totally market driven economy while supporting a large population that had relied on the government for the majority of the citizen’s products and services. The change to a government that allowed everyone a new Great Russian Dream just took too long.
Vladimir Putin came to power and offered the Russian people an opportunity to once again lift their heads in pride. He was elected president and he quickly seized more and more power. His KGB roots were growing a dictator. Anthony Bourdain interviewed a key opposition leader to Putin for Bourdain’s CNN show. Before the show could be aired, the leader was murdered in the middle of Moscow and Putin declared how horrible this was and he was personally taking control of the investigation. This screamed of a coverup and of course nothing came of the murder. The West stood by and watched; quietly.
Then as Putin posed for the press shirtless sitting on his horse brandishing his rifle, his army prepared to invade the Ukraine. Of course the annexation of part of the country and the clandestine support for the Ukrainian anarchical puppets of Russia fell on deaf ears in the West and much needed weapons and support was slow coming to the Ukraine.
Putin was winning a war against the West and we stood by and watched this happen. Then Putin pulled a coupe in Syria. As the United States and its allies stood by paralyzed to do anything, Russia sent troops and armaments to Syria to bolster the despicable Assad dictatorship; a tyrant that turned nerve gasses on his own innocent civilians. Russia allied with Iran to thwart American or European influence in the conflict and Putin moved up the ladder as a legitimate world leader.
It is speculated that he is now one of the richest men in the world and all of the wealth came from corruption. He takes a cut on many of the industries in Russia and the leaders of these industries bow to his demands. When one of the richest men in Russia, the head of a major oil company, declined to provide finances to Putin, he found himself heading to a work camp following being found guilty of tax charges. This sent a shiver through the leaders of Russia’s wealthy elite and military as well.
The Ukraine invasion did provide a legal opportunity for the West to do something; financial sanctions. This did not initially curtail Putin from his snobbish interference in governments around the world. His involvement with cyber corruption of the American presidential elections is a prime example of his meddling. When it is all evaluated it will be disclosed that Putin didn’t really care who won the election. His goal was to divide the country and cause internal chaos; a former Soviet practice. Unfortunately, this has taken place on a somewhat limited basis.
Finally the Putin regime has gone too far. When Russia was flowing in money he could influence his military and industrial leaders with financial favors. Financial sanctions imposed by the West have taken its’ toll on Russian coffers so Putin is now turning to more Soviet traditional coercive tactics. His message is clear; “Do not be disloyal and do not defect to the West”. Recently Russia attempted to kill a Russian spy defector and his daughter in London, England. They failed but the backlash to this dastardly deep is going to be immense. A unified West is launching protests and sanctions even more severe as England expels Russian diplomats. This will be interesting as all this unfolds over the rest of the year.


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