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A year ago I wrote about ISIS losing ground in Iraq and Syria and emphasized that we could expect a shift in the attack on good from evil. This materialized in 2017 in Paris and Normandy, France; London and Manchester, England; The Ohio State University, United States; Hamburg and Berlin, Germany; and the list goes on.
Amid dramatic attacks by Iraqi military forces supported by Iranian backed militia in Iraq and Syrian military units in Syria, ISIS has lost the vast majority of its’ conquered territory. In a traditional war it would be time to declare victory and dispatch the Department of State to meet with the coalition forces and prepare for the surrender talks with the vanquished foe. This is not a conventional war and there will be no surrender talks. Instead we have to prepare for an escalation of “lone wolf” attacks that we witnessed last year. Additionally, we can expect attacks that are even more menacing than the physical attacks of 2017.
So far the attacks perpetrated on innocent men, women and children in Europe and the United States have been savage, front page euphoric but limited in geographic and physical scope. We agonize over the loss of life and our hearts bleed for the mourning families but in the context of war, the destruction is small. These assaults will continue as a small investment by the enemy and garners massive headlines, Each attack requires increased security measures that impact the finances of the countries under assault.
We can also expect a new attack that does not require a physical presence in a country. No bomb-making material must be procured nor does a terrorist need an assault weapon nor does the terrorist have to rent a vehicle to crash through a crowd. Instead the terrorist will need a computer and be sophisticated in the ability to hack into operating systems and data bases. The terrorist could potentially wreak havoc on its’ enemies. Everything from electrical grids to financial institutions to pipeline oil and gas transmission to traffic lights to anything that is controlled by computers are vulnerable. Can you imagine the chaos, destruction and loss of life if all the traffic lights are suddenly turned off during rush hour in a major American city. The computer hacker can do his dastardly deed from some house buried in some city in some country ten thousand miles from the city that was attacked. This will be the new face of evil.
The war on terror is far from over. We have done a phenomenal job in defeating ISIS on the ground by empowering our generals to do what they know what to do and how to do it; win. We are providing our allies with the hardware they need to destroy terrorism. The escalation to cyber warfare will require brilliant minds to combat that threat plus continue developing our special ops teams to infiltrate and surgically remove the hackers in foreign inhospitable countries.
Traditional terrorism will remain with us for many years. These satans of evil used to have open access to America under the disguise of visitor or student visas. Much of this easy access has being eliminated so ISIS will be looking for other easy points of entry to America. This now puts greater pressure on our southern border. It is imperative that we control this border and prevent the infiltration of America by ISIS and other terrorist organizations. 2018 should be interesting and it is imperative that we stand together as one nation, UNITED.


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