Posted: June 18, 2017 in Uncategorized


We can look back on the world and see third world countries struggling to find themselves and orient their way into the future.  Time and time again new regimes or parties take control of a country only to be torn down from factions within their own borders.  Despite well meaning individuals with well-meaning agendas the time to allow the country to evolve is not permitted and a continuous elect then overthrow scenario persists.  While this can be witnessed in emerging nations or banana republics it should never be evident in a mature country; especially one that is a leading nation of the world.

Today America is at a major crossroads and it is confusing how we got here.  During the presidential election, many minority groups within America were concerned that they would become alienated.  Much of the concern centered around a new administration’s understanding and acceptance of the minorities and the progress they made to legitimize their acceptance within the American culture.

When the presidential election was over it was understood that the new president would take office and at that time it would be an opportunity to continue the growth of our great nation while building on the past accomplishments of our many and diverse minorities and cultures.  At this juncture in our nation’s continuing development, an opportunity to petition a new president and merge philosophical ideas was lost.  Groups that had struggled for generations for acceptance were now thrust into the role of non-acceptance.  Organizations that had pleaded for peace and understanding suddenly turned their backs on this ideal and took to the streets to protest in a violent and venomous manner. 

Many colleges have now placed professors into teaching positions that not only teach a subject but also introduce their own politics into the classroom.  In isolated instances students make demands of universities and weak leadership within the administrations allow the students to over rule the universities’ decisions.  Speakers brought onto a campus to speak before the student body are not allowed to have freedom of speech due to jeering protesters that claim they have their own right to freedom of speech.   Civil order is degenerating and rude behavior takes the place of professional and respectful social graces.

Last week the United States reached the pinnacle of unrest.  Members of the Republican delegation in Washington were practicing for a friendly baseball game against their Democratic colleagues.  A lone gunman approached the targeted group and opened fire on the Republican players.   This followed the Kathy Gifford debacle where she thought it would be clever to be pictured holding a severed head of President Trump.  In that case the public backlash was brutal and swift as she screamed she was being bullied by the Trump administration while her career took a downward spiral.

It’s time our nation takes a timeout, steps back and then takes a deep breath.  We can not continue in the path that we are going and expect to survive.   This is reminiscent of the great Roman empire prior to its’ collapse.  We must get back to the basics and learn to work together for the common good of our great nation.  We need to get off Social Media spouting vile and filthy rhetoric that does nothing but harm the fiber of our country.  We need to look for ways to build, not tear down.  We need to learn to share ideas and not wholistically dismiss what another is saying.  We must learn to live together.


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