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America has had a magical growth that can be characterized by wars followed by periods of a quiet peace. During these passive periods, political and economic growth was allowed to manifest themselves, unbridled by world conflict.
America unshackled its yoke as a mere colony in the late 1700s and gained independence from England. A period of peace and experimentation of a new form of government followed and lasted for about twenty years. America was then tested and the nations metal was forged in fire as it took on a vengeful Great Britain and to the wonderment of a surprised world it emerged from the flames victorious.
Peace then pursued until 1846 when American gained massive lands from Mexico in the Mexican – American war. Twenty years later and America was torn apart with its’ Civil War. By this time Colonial Europe looked at America as the great agricultural experiment and somewhat looked down its’ nose at the fledgling nation. This war and peace has continued to this day.
One period of peace that is fascinating to our nation is the period between the War of 1812 and the Mexican American War. The year 1842 is a good representative year of peace.
In 1842 Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd. Ironically, Mary’s family was a prominent slave owing Kentucky family. It was nineteen years later that a President Lincoln would prove to be the catalyst to abolish slavery and would also be on the opposite side of the war that included Kentucky.
PT Barnum added a four year old child to his Barnum American Museum in New York. The four year old child had stopped growing years earlier and stood 25 inches tall and weighted a mere 15 pounds. Despite the size the child’s features were normal. The boy was given the stage name of “General Tom Thumb”. Barnum paid the father $3.00 a week to display the boy. The child was taught to sing, dance and impersonate famous people. Later Barnum would join with other shows and form Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus; “The greatest Show on Earth”. Unfortunately, the Circus closed its’ doors for the last time earlier this year.
Hawaii was feeling foreign encroachment on its’ beautiful island. In 1842 a Hawaiian delegation visited Washington and received recognition by the United States of its independence. Ironically in 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States.
Thomas J. Jackson entered the United States Military academy at West Point. He was allowed to enter only after the first selection from his area dropped out after the first day. He struggled due to little educational preparation but worked his way up to become one of the higher-ranking graduates. He would later become one of Robert E. Lee’s most trusted generals and would be nicknamed Stonewall.
In all of football legacy, one school stands out as a hallmark to the sport. A school whose team that nicknamed its’ running backs the four horsemen and the linemen the seven mules; a team that invented the forward pass; a team that had had a legendary Swedish coach called the “bald eagle, and a team that had two movies made about it legacy was a part of the university that was founded by Catholic priests in 1842, Notre Dame would become not only a great football school but a major institute of higher learning.
Overall 1942 was a quiet year between two wars. It did have a special meaning for rural North Louisiana. Union Parish had been carved out of Ouachita Parish three years earlier. In 1842 Farmerville was cut out of the forests and was officially chartered as a town in Louisiana. One hundred and seventy-five years ago.


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