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When I was in the fourth grade something was said about cars that drove themselves.  At that time the thought was that something in the road would tell the car where to go.  Over time nothing appeared to happen so I thought that it was a nice idea but would not happen.  After all how could the car keep track of everything going on around it.  Then recently the story came out that Tesla motors had a self-driving car.  Add to that Amazon announcing that they may use driverless cars to deliver products and Ford is already deploying self-park and self-back up features when pulling trailers and the driverless car is finally with us.


In 1870 Jules Verne wrote 2000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Verne wrote about a submarine that was powered with a unique fuel supply that allowed the submarine to remain underwater for an unlimited time without refueling.  The name of Verne’s submarine was the Nautilus.  Ninety years later the United States Navy launched the USS Nautilus and made history as it sailed under the Arctic Ice Cap.


Verne also penned another book, From the Earth to the Moon.  He told the story of the attempt to get a man to the moon.  His prophesy finally came true a hundred years later.  Fantasy becomes reality.


Remember Dick Tracy and the Sunday morning comics.  He had the ability to talk to other members of his police force with a communicator on his wrist the size of a watch.  Later this became the accepted norm and thus was beginning to become boring to the reader so the writer added the ability for Tracy to see who he was talking to.  Fifty years later and we have both abilities in our smart phones and it is universally available to the populace of the world.


The point is that we don’t need to limit future reality with what we live in today.  Dream it and it could happen some day in the future.  In the 1960s writers of books and television and cinema told stories of computers taking over for man and eventually man would become subservient to computers.  The machines would design future machines that were increasingly more powerful.  The machines would learn and eventually become smarter than man and thus would rule the world.  Impossible some would say but the world of artificial intelligence is with us.  Suddenly this has become the buzz word in the Internet Technology world and it is beginning to rollout to the world.  Programs such as Alexia are performing many tasks for man while learning as time goes by.  IBM is developing heavy duty Artificial Intelligence programs and if America is developing this you can believe that China, India, Russia and the EU is doing its’ own research.  It will be important that standards be put into place to insure that what is being developed does not make the science fiction writers work come true and machines will ultimately rule the world.



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