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Last week was quit a monumental event in time for me.  To make it even more epic was that last week posed a double dose of satisfaction that made me extremely proud and reinforced my belief that Christian principals are still alive and thriving.


In 1987 my wife opened her daycare, Mom’s Helper.  I never met a person that loved children more than her just for the sake of love.  Over the years she hired workers, lived within the confines of regulation that grew more and more controlling, paid taxes and fed babies, changed diapers and provided advice to new mothers.  There were times that she went beyond her role as a caregiver and at least one child was given an opportunity to grow up and live a productive life instead of becoming a paragraph in the obituary column.


Later she sold her day care to a person possessing the same loving attributes that Bonnie held dear; however, she could not stay away from children.  For another twenty years, following a major upgrade to the house, Bonnie opened the home to the state-legal six children.  While taking a maximum of one week of vacation a year for the last thirty years, the world is about to change for Bonnie.


Last week several current daycare mothers held a surprise party for Bonnie at the Main Street Grill.  Present were mothers and children that had come under Bonnie’s spell and tutelage.  Purpose of the party was to wish her Bon Voyage.  This week ends a chapter in her life and in the community as she formally retires from formal child care duties.  All in all, over 700 children have passed through her care and a very small sliver of our globe is better off for it.  For this I am so proud.


Four days later I once again experienced an event that makes any caring parent proud to the point of tears.  In the back yard of a beautiful young lady in an exquisitely, creatively yet simply prepared ceremony with cattle grazing in the background; my son took his wife.  While the occasion was emotional for all the family and guests that were present, there was a deeper message that I took away that only expanded the gratification of the moment. 


The ceremony was simple with a young pastor performing the service.  During the ceremony I realized that this beautiful ritual was far more than the bonding of two individuals into a family unit.  It was a reinforcement that the values that we have held dear throughout our lives, the same values that fueled the values of a new nation, are still with us.  The ceremony of marriage in front of family and friends while publicly dedicating this marriage to God has been with us for thousands of years.  It is gratifying to see that the ceremonial bonding is much alive in the our country and reinforces that it will continue to be an integral fiber of our great nation.


I hope you all had a great Veterans Day holiday.  If you see someone that served our country, please stop and thank him or her for the service to our country and for putting their lives on hold to defend the freedom of our nation. 



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