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One of the planks that Donald Trump ran on for the presidency of the United States was the replacement of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.  For many people this replacement was to repeal Obamacare in one swift action.  Last year I had written about the repeal of Obamacare and had noted how this was a huge undertaking and it would truly take a year to get the Affordable Care Act broken apart.  It was also noted that there are good parts to the legislation and these parts should remain in effect.  The rest of the act would need to be uncoupled piece by piece and then recoupled with replacement pieces that will fix what is wrong with the act today.

Soon after Donald Trump took office the replacement of Obamacare began.  The Republicans developed legislation that would start the process to change bad parts of the original act.  It would be the U.S. Congress that would craft the legislation and would then have to pass the bill.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would have to manage the votes to insure there was adequate voters to approve the new legislation.  President Trump was actively working with members of the House of Representatives to encourage a “yes” vote.  The Democrats had no involvement in developing the legislation and while many criticized the Democrats for their lack of involvement the question needs to be asked about how much input was invited by the Republicans.

By mid-last week it was apparent that there were not enough votes to pass the first part of the Obamacare repeal.  Republicans were splintered.  Certain factions wanted to phase in the breakup and rebuild Obamacare while other factions wanted a total repeal on day one.  The factions that wanted a full repeal did not want to support a partial replacement.  This is unfortunate as there now appears to be a split in the Republican Party that the American citizenship did not want and it was this type of dissention that America desires to see disappear.  It was well understood that no Democrat would vote to appeal any part of Obamacare.

Last Friday President Trump was asked to not call for a vote but instead table the bill and thus prevent even worse consequences for the Republican Party.  Speaker Ryan made the recommendation and this was a stroke of political genius and prevented even more dissention within the party.  Had a vote been cast then names of legislators would be linked to the “no vote” and thus could have led to finger pointing and even some legislators being voted out of office.

Now that the repeal of Obamacare is off the table for a while it is time for the “American” congress to act like a legislative body with the country being the primary focus of congress.  Republicans that are rewriting the proposed legislation must invite the Democrats to the table and request input for the new bill.  All sectors of the Republican party must be in agreement with the bill and a unified party must be involved with the final vote.  Finally, the bill must be presented to the American people prior to the vote and explain what it will do and what it will not do.

President Trump was quick to note that Speaker Ryan had worked ha


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