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The United States was originally a great experiment.  The idea of national power being totally generated and held in the hands of its’ citizens was a unique approach to governing a sovereign country.  The great experiment was viewed as a doomed approach to government.  Then France had its’ revolution and power flowed from a monarchy and an elite few to the populace of France.  This continued around the world and gradually democracy became the favorite form of government for the typical resident of the planet.

Even though Democracy is preferred by most humans, other forms of government has sprouted and flourished for a while.  The yoke of monarchy was overthrown in Russia when the Czar was captured and his family executed.  Democracy did not materialize and communism bloomed.  Alternate forms of government eventually failed and some form of democracy developed.  This shows that countries flourish when its’ citizens are allowed an opportunity to make their own decisions and are not dictated to as to how they live and what they can consume   We are seeing today in Venezuela this cycle of dictatorship followed by a breakdown in goods and services and finally followed by anarchy.

Following World War II the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, the USSR, was formed from mother Russia and many countries that were over run by the Russian army while fighting Germany.  Communistic governments were installed and the USSR was formed.

For the next forty-five years the cold war was waged.  The USSR and the United States and NATO were at war but they never directly fired a shot at each other.  Proxy armies did that.  Russia supported Viet Nam and smirked as they watched the United States bogged down in a horrible war.  Twenty years later it was America’s turn to smirk as Russia became bogged down in a war in Afghanistan that Russia could not win despite predictions that Russia would triumph in a couple of months.  Russia used Cuba to spread Communism by sending troops to Africa and South America to support insurrections intended to install communistic governments.  While there were gains by the USSR it came at a large price.  The USSR nuclear program was massive and the cost to build this arsenal took a toll on the countries coffers.

Finally in 1989 the USSR collapsed.  It was not slow and gradual.  It was quick and massive.  The war that had actually been waged was not bombs and tanks and planes; it was economics and capitalism and the Unites States and NATO had won.

Quickly the United States and Western nations sent advisors and teams to the Soviet bloc countries to help transition to democracy and capitalism.  American companies entered Russia and the major oil companies became a part of the landscape.  But problems began within a few years. Russia was not viewed as an equal in the world but instead was being viewed as a poor step son.  Life was better within the country but the respect was not there.  The country was immensely proud and it was this void in pride that allowed a nationalistic leader to take control of the country.

Vladimir Putin became the leader of Russia and while the world slept he pulled on the heart strings of his beloved Russia and we are now on the verge of another cold war if we not all ready there.  What a great opportunity we have lost.  First we never fully embraced Russia as an equal and then we allowed Putin to invade friendly countries while supporting the American enemy, Syria.

Let us hope that as the world morphs into what it turns into that we learn some good lessons from our victory and then failure with Russia.  Let’s repeat the successes and not repeat our mistakes.


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