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The United States was originally a great experiment.  The idea of national power being totally generated and held in the hands of its’ citizens was a unique approach to governing a sovereign country.  The great experiment was viewed as a doomed approach to government.  Then France had its’ revolution and power flowed from a monarchy and an elite few to the populace of France.  This continued around the world and gradually democracy became the favorite form of government for the typical resident of the planet.

Even though Democracy is preferred by most humans, other forms of government has sprouted and flourished for a while.  The yoke of monarchy was overthrown in Russia when the Czar was captured and his family executed.  Democracy did not materialize and communism bloomed.  Alternate forms of government eventually failed and some form of democracy developed.  This shows that countries flourish when its’ citizens are allowed an opportunity to make their own decisions and are not dictated to as to how they live and what they can consume   We are seeing today in Venezuela this cycle of dictatorship followed by a breakdown in goods and services and finally followed by anarchy.

In the 1950s Venezuela was a Mecca for oil and gas.  American companies were present and oil flowed out of the Venezuelan oil fields.   In 1992 Hugo Chavez led a bloody military coupe aimed at overthrowing the Venezuelan government.  The coupe failed and Chavez was put in prison.  Two years later and following his release from prison Chavez visited Fidel Castro, the communist dictator of Cuba.  It was there that Castro began his mentorship of Chavez.  Four years later Chavez was legitimately elected as president of Venezuela but Chavez dissenters won an overwhelming majority of seats in congress and governorships.

When taking the oath of office he began implementing his changes that would lead to becoming the dictator of Venezuela.  He modified the oath when asked “Do you swear before God and the fatherland to fulfill the duties of Constitutional President, to obey and promote obedience to our Constitution?” Chavez replied , “I swear before God and the Fatherland, before my people and over this moribund constitution, that I will promote the transformations required for the new republic to have a new constitution adequate to the times.”  One month later he changed the electoral process that would guarantee he would obtain a majority in congress.

Later the federal judges were dismissed and were replaced with judges identified by Chavez.  Two years later the military was instructed to ignore any judicial rulings and instead follow what Chavez instructed.  Chavez was methodically taking over control of the country.   A year later he fired eighteen thousand oil field workers who had struck for politicizing the government oil company.

By 2007 Chavez had taken over all oil activities from foreign companies and had disbanded all political parties with the exception of his.  Hugo Chavez had now captured supreme control of Venezuela.   Soon after this the cracks began to appear in the country.

Chavez’s fiery rhetoric against the United States lasted until he died in office in 2013.  He was fully attached to the Cuban communistic regime and attacked the United States and capitalism every chance he could.  Oil prices, Venezuela’s main source of foreign income, had increased seven-fold while Chaves was in office.  Still, poverty and corruption increased and Chavez had to endure a two-day coupe and nationwide strikes aimed to overthrow the dictator.

I had hoped that with the death of Chavez and the election of Nicolas Madura the country would break ties with Cuba and once again become a strong partner of America. Nothing could have been further from reality.   Madura continued with the Chavez policies and the country is now in full collapse.   A state of emergency was declared in 2016,

It has been reported that 15% of the population is eating garbage from disposed food containers.  Riots are becoming more prevalent as the population shows its disappointment with the current government.

A collapse is coming and a void will be present in the leadership of the country.  America must be standing by with a helping hand filled with support for the new government.  We must not fall into the same trap that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.  A few years after the collapse it was noted that Russia needed help, not advise.

Venezuela does not need money, it is a member of OPEC, and has enough cash flow.  What it needs is leadership to properly use what it has and have the long-range vision to build a strong and viable nation.  What is proven is that capitalism and true democracy is the best approach to governing a nation.


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