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Over the past several years we have had a growing cavity in our country that has been identified as ideology differences in Congress.  This has led to a large amount of grid lock within the federal lawmaking body of the United States.  While the country has been focused on Washington and criticizing  our elected officials, the election of our newest president has generated a profound outspoken divide between the general population of the country.  Protest marches are displayed on our news programs as are insolent loud mouthed rude protesters  that don’t have the respect to allow a U.S Congressman to address a town hall meeting.  Then it finally came to me that the problem is not what the two factions want to accomplish, it is what the two groups feel the strategy should be to accomplish a common end.

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives believes that America is great, that all of the population should be taken care of and everyone should have an opportunity for a good education as well as other goals of a developed country.   What differs is how we accomplish the end results.

The liberals that embody the Democratic party feel that power resides at a central power structure and this structure provides all aspects of life.  Education, medical, food and lodging would be derived from the government.  While this is a noble dream it does not work for a long period of time.  Central planning was the hallmark of socialism and ultimately it has failed.  The greatest experiment and the greatest failure of central planning that was intended to provide for the entire population was the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and it finally collapsed in 1990, years after Nakita Khrushchev declared to the United States that “we will bury you”.

The conservatives that embody the Republican Party have the same end goal that the liberals want to accomplish but they are looking at different methods to accomplish this. The Republicans desire a decentralized government.  They are not looking for someone to provide the creature comforts but instead are looking to remove government regulations that will allow them to make their own decisions.  The conservatives want the opportunity to achieve their own desires and do not want a central government to provide the material goods in life.

So can the two ever come together?  Probably not unless there is some catastrophic event that will truly threaten the future of the country.  When that happens ideology takes a back seat.  This happened during World War II and again after 9/11.  Unfortunately, at this period in our nation it is not recognized that we are in a crisis and the two factions in the country are spending wasted energy fighting each other.  If this energy could be focused on our nation we would have a much better world to live in.


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