Several years ago I was in my office and someone sent me a link to a UTUBE site.  I opened it and saw a British television show named Britain’s Got Talent.  I believe this episode predated the introduction of the American version, America’s Got Talent.  I watched as the three judges, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan smirked as a middle aged portly women walked on stage.  Members of the audience rolled their eyes and snickered as the contestant told the judges that she was singing a famous show tune and wanted be as big a performer as a famous British singer.  The judges told her to sing as their look a cynicism gave notice this lady would be quickly departing the show.  As the lady began to sing the audience leapt to its’ feet in thunderous applause and the look of amazement on the judges face told the story.  I have to admit that a knot formed in my throat, not just from the beauty of the moment but also from the realization that anything is possible; Susan Boyle came of age.

Later a similar occurrence happened on American Television as a young 10 year old Jackie Evancho captured the love and admiration of America on America’s Got Talent.  Another success story that originally prompted viewers to ask if she lip synced the original song.

Recently I attended a Christmas performance of two professional singers that was sponsored by the North Louisiana Arts Council.  The singer and piano accompanist were magnificent but to the pleasant surprise of the audience a local singer joined the professionals.  When she opened her mouth to sing songs of the season the crowd sat in amazement as did the professionals.  A strong beautiful voice belted out song after song as she joined in with the other two singers on stage.  I had seen her months earlier as she performed at the Miss Teen Louisiana pageant in Monroe, Louisiana.  She was great there but she was that much better at Christmas.

Not only is she talented but she has beauty to match.  She entered the Miss Louisiana Watermelon Pageant last spring, her first pageant, and won.  This is the same pageant that produced the current Miss Louisiana.  The young lady then entered the Miss Teen Louisiana Pageant, her second pageant, and won it also.  When she appeared in the Miss Teen America she was in the top five finalist.

As she stood on stage at the Christmas performance, her confidence was a special treat.  There was no intimidation from here senior peers and a huge smile during the performance was contagious for the crowd. It is hard to believe that she is only fifteen years old.  I sat and thought about all the earlier contestants on the numerous talent shows and how it would it be almost insulting for the young lady to being placed in competition like that; but that may be what has to be done for America to see the talent. Her moral fiber is reminiscent of another local celebrity, Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars fame.  My wife is a big fan of this young lady that she kept her at her daycare years earlier and our young  grand daughter glows as she recalls escorting her at the Miss Teen Louisiana pageant.

The young lady’s name if Sarah Katherine McCallum and she comes from pretty good stock; quit a wonderful family.  Her mother and father are both lawyers and her father is also a local judge and prior state legislature.  They are active in the community as well as the local Baptist Church.  The father is a deacon in the church.  Her brother is an extremely courteous young man who has done quit well in his own right.  After his senior year where he quarterbacked the Cedar Creek Cougars, John McCallum packed his bags and headed to Harvard on a full scholarship.  While there he and his girl friend, now his wife, invented Cake in a Can and won the  Harvard Innovation Challenge and the AdClub’s Branding Challenge.   While dressing for work early one morning I looked at Fox and Friends on television and there was John and his girl friend explaining their new invention.

With the voice Sarah Katherine possesses and the strong family and faith surrounding her there is a bright future for this lovely young lady.  Look out world, here comes Sarah Katherine.


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