On January 20th we will have a new President of the United States.  It doesn’t matter what happens between today and that date, the final reality is that there will be a new administration in Washington.  This is despite calls for a vote recount, calls for the future president to step aside, calls of xenophobia fears and proclamations of a mass exodos of creative performing-arts Americans to a life of self-imposed exile.

As the future 45th President of the United States, the Donald Trump transition team and future leadership team has come under more scrutiny than anything I have witnessed in past administration changes.  While this election has been just as I had prophesied last year in that it was going to be interesting and it was going to be different.  That was the past and it is now time to accept our new president, support the administration and thus send a signal to the world that we are truly one country made up of different races, cultures and religions but living as one nation and one people, Americans.

The selection of the Trump cabinet has received more attention than any other cabinet fillings in the country’s history.  News crews camp outside of Trump Towers in downtown New York watching the comings and goings of potential cabinet members while hoping to hear some tidbit of a hint from Trump as to what happened during his meeting.  This coverage is good and bad.  A new interest in cabinet posts that six months ago most of us had never heard of stirs an interest in the American government that we have not witnessed since our Civics classes.  On the other hand the attacks and ridicule that has come out of some cabinet selections discloses a crack in the country that needs to heal.  It is the President’s cabinet that is being formed; a group of men and women that will mold and forge the presidency for the next four to eight years.  The cabinet is not an elected position and is not open to a public selection process so we need to view the new cabinet in that light and accept this as a normal process in forming a new democratically elected executive branch of the Federal Government.

Jackie Kennedy brought an elegance to the White House that has been continually reflected in the future first ladies of our great country.   President elect Trump’s wife will carry on the tradition and will certainly enhance this image.  Not only is she a beautiful former world model but like her predecessors she is a loving mother for her young child.  Her public cause as the first lady will be a crisis of the computer age, cyber bullying.  Unlike her predecessors, she is foreign born and raised in Eastern Europe.  At a time that America should be filled with wonderment at the new first family and the press and social media should  be lit up by the new first lady, she is now being boycotted by some of the most creative dress makers in America. These are the individuals that should be beating on the doors of the White House for the honor to dress this First Lady. The reason is simply due to Donald Trump being elected president.  I question who, if anyone, would have dared to have refused to have clothed Hillary Clinton had she won the presidency or for that matter who would have turned Bill Clinton away.  This is amazing to hear this insult and borders on Whoopi Goldberg stating she would move to Jupiter if Trump was elected president.  Is this how a mature twentieth century country that is to be at the head of the world is supposed to act.

Despite the press stating that Trump received a disproportionate amount of air time during the election, the press continues to analyze every Trump decision and covers the president elect with impunity.  Regardless of how the press criticize their own motives, Trump is good press and ratings drive the success of a television network so we will continue to see Trump analyzed to a level not witnessed before.

If we truly want to see our country move to the front of the line again, to become the beacon of democracy and world benevolence and to become the admiration of the globe; we need to concentrate on what is important and move away from this soap opera/reality show psyche. We need to forget who lost the presidential election and instead proclaim support for our new president.  We don’t have to blindly agree to everything that Washington proposes, our country was founded on the ability to dissent.  What we must move away from is to automatically disagree with the person elected simply because he is part of another political party.  The Federal government must find a way to work together and the American citizen must find a way to place America first again.


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