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This will appear in the Farmerville Gazette, Farmerville Louisiana, the week of 11/27/2016.

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving and it is hoped that we have all taken time to give thanks for all our blessings.  The news is full of images of protesters that oppose the presidential election and stories of police that are being assassinated on our city streets.  Pictures of chaos and destruction in the Mid-East causes one to wonder if there is truly a chance for world peace.  Nothing seems to be right.   While we tend to look at the glass being half empty instead of being half full, I sat back and instead of thinking how bad things are I reflected on just the opposite.

Like millions of others in our nation I have been blessed with children that are healthy and who are contributing to the success of American.  Unlike citizens of other countries, they are not counting on America to provide the creature comforts that they need to feel successful.  Instead they use the opportunities available in a free and progressive nation to provide for themselves while supporting our country.

I am blessed to have three healthy grandchildren and am assured that we live in a land that if they had a physical malady they will receive treatment.  These children are man’s passport to immortality.  We are also blessed to live in a country that insures that if a child needs medical attention, the best possible medical attention in the world is here and the freedom to develop new medical treatments and methods are openly encouraged.

I am blessed that we have the young men and women that put a hold on their lives, sacrifice parts of their lives, to serve their country to ensure that we remain safe.  Additionally, we have the silent American that volunteer’s on a daily basis, not for pay or for public accolades but to help their fellow Americans.  The only gratuity they receive is the satisfaction that they have served their fellow man.

I am blessed to be able to worship as I wish and if I do not wish to worship I will not be ridiculed.  When I bow my head on Sunday morning I do not have to fear a knock on the door that would usher in police to arrest worshippers instead of a knock that identifies individuals that wished to enter to attend services.  When in Arabia I knew a man that had been arrested for holding Christina services in Riyadh.  He was given an option to agree to stop spreading the word of Christianity and remain in the country or be deported.  The young man gave up a very lucrative career and opted to be deported.  This is not an issue in our own country and is not something we must worry about.

I am blessed to be able to speak my mind as long as it doesn’t harm another member of my society.  Equally I am free to print this article and on occasion raise the consciousness of the individuals that wish to read what I have to write and I can do so without fear of retribution from my government.  Also, no one is forced to ready what I read and they do have the right to express dissatisfaction with what I have written.

I am blessed to purchase what I am capable to financially afford.  I am free to express my desire to procure material possessions without a centralized government control point that tells me what I need.  I am free to purchase adventure and life experiences or invest in the future of my country if I desire without dictates from my government.

Most of all, I am blessed to live in a country where a handful of men came together and instead of being politically correct were instead doing what was right; instead of being cautious, risked their fortunes and their lives; instead of following society norms that had been in place for thousands of years, dared to suggest a new form of government that guaranteed freedoms and liberties for the common man.  A country that was considered by Europe to be merely the great agriculture experiment until it burst onto the world scene to throw off the yoke of oppression and free Cuba and the Philippines from imperialistic Spain at the end of the 19th century.

My glass is half full and for those that feel their glass is half empty, take a breath, look around and count your blessings.


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