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We have just completed a political election that has been as divisive as any in the history of our great nation.  Part of this decisiveness comes from the contempt between the two political parties.  The other part of this is the introduction of social media and mass communication that accesses millions of Americans instantaneously.  The magnitude of this has never been witnessed to date.  Couple this with a diverse news media that has been diluted across the industry due to new news organizations entering the market and then all of these organizations competing for market share and they then have to sensationalize what they are reporting.

The elections are over so let’s get real with the political rhetoric and see what reality is going to be.  Several points in the election were hallmarks that led to the popularity of Donald Trump but now these points will need to be brought to fruition.

We are going to deport all illegal aliens. I wrote on this about eighteen months ago before President Elect Trump made it a popular part of the election and I still feel the same. There is no practical method to move eleven million people from the United States to their country of record.  Also, they have to be accepted back into those countries so unless we put parachutes on these people and push them out a plane door we have a problem.  Despite these issues the biggest problem is that we need these people.  Whether they are illegal or not, a certain sector of our economy requires their service and to do away with these individuals will hurt our economy.  Instead we need to get rid of those that are trouble to our country; the drug dealers, felons, thieves and murders and if a person has been deported and are back in the country and are captured they need to be incarcerated and not just deported, again.  Those that are here and are providing a genuine service to American Society they need to be provided with work visas, not citizenship, and then they pay taxes and are legal in the country providing to the betterment of the country.

We are going to build a wall along the Mexican border.  There is no way that this is going to be done, at least not a physical wall.  A wall can be built though, but in another way.  Instead of a physical wall for the whole length of the border, the brick and mortar work and be built in high population areas.  The towns and cities along the border are perfect for this.  For the open areas where the traffic can come from all areas we can utilize drones and other electronic surveillance methods.  Those are in our ability to deploy and can be a success and can be a new type of wall.

Abolish Obamacare the day Trump takes office.  Won’t happen.  Obamacare is a major part of our society and while it will be uncoupled and broken apart and rebuilt; eventually it will not happen immediately.  This is going to take a while and while it will be reworked it will not be overnight.  When it is understood the magnitude of work ahead for the medical insurance companies and the bureaucracy created by Obamacare that will need to be broken up, the effort to uncouple the parts of the program will be gigantic.  Also, there are some parts that must be good about the program and these parts need to remain in place.  Revamping the current affordable health care act will happen but it will not happen immediately.

We are about to see what it really takes to accomplish political promises.  While the time to accomplish the political promises may be longer than first thought, it will happen.  We just have to be patient and let it happen.


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