The two major Political Parties are continually changing strategy and morphing into a different look as times change.  A case in point is the democratic party of the 1920s as compared to the party today.  In 1924 Williams Jennings Bryant was jeered so much as he tried to address the Democratic convention that he had to delay his speech by thirty minutes.  The reason for the outburst by the convention delegates was due to Bryant wanting to stop any attempt to write the KuKluzKlan out of the Democratic Party.   He felt if it came to a vote that is would split the party since so many delegates were members of the KKK.  Eventually it did come to a vote and writing out the KKK was narrowly defeated.  During WWII it was a Democratic president that pushed to have black units put into combat and later a Democratic president that totally integrated the armed forces.   Today the Democratic Party is the party of the African American and the first black President was from the Democratic Party.  This demonstrates a complete change in the  Democratic Party from being KKK active to becoming the inaugural party for hosting a black American to become the President of the United States.

Currently there is an ethnic group in the Democratic Party that could be easily aligned with the Republican Party and thus move many voters from the Democratic Polls to the Republican Party.  Instead of alienating the Hispanic community the Republican Party could be courting the group and thus the block vote that comes with it.  The fit makes sense.  Hispanics are very family oriented, a hallmark of the Republican Party.  They have a good work ethic and have not been introduced to generations of entitlement programs.  A major void in the Democratic doctrine versus the Republican doctrine is abortion.  With the majority of Hispanic voters being of the Catholic faith and the Catholic doctrine being vehemently anti-abortion, the natural match is for the Hispanic voters to migrate toward the anti-abortion Republican Party.

So what is causing the Hispanics to remain with the Democratic Party and not move to the Republican Party. There are two key reasons.  First, the illegal immigration policy identified by the Republicans has terrorized many Hispanics.  The key to turning this around is proper communication, identifying an illegal alien policy that will truly work, and acting more like a benevolent party and not an adversarial organization.  This will go a long way to placating the Hispanic fears.  The second is to actively reaching out to the Hispanic voters and bring them into the framework and ideals of the Republican Party.  Understand the Hispanic and address their needs.  This has not happened to date and thus the Hispanic voters are compelled to remain with the Democratic party; more from habit than from ideology.

As for the Democratic Party, they have nothing to gain but everything to lose.  With no attempts by the Republicans to garner the Hispanic vote they simply have to identify themselves as the party that will take care of the Hispanic community.  The only time the Democratic Party is threatened with a mutiny from the Hispanic voters is in the event the Republicans reach out.  Otherwise they are the only game in town for this ethnic group to attach itself to.


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