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The presidential election is over, thank goodness.  It is time to ask the question about the motives of those running.  Was the election simply a goal to be reached if elected?  Was the end result being the winning of the election or is the winning of the election actually the beginning of a dream, a vision of how our country should be governed.

If last week was any indication of the motives of our newly elected President, it appears that the election was not the sole goal and the future of the country was a major focal point. The appearance of Donald Trump at the White House within forty-eight hours of the victory and the welcome he received at the White House and the genuine appearance of respect between himself and the president gives hope of a cordial transition of power.  This marks a point in our country that signals a potential act of collaboration where we can put animosity behind and turn to the needs of great nation.

In the past the transition of power from one party to the other has left one to scratch his head and ask where the maturity was.  There were stories of the Clinton administration leaving a mess when leaving the White House and even electrical fixtures were removed as souvenirs.  I am sure this was not isolated to that administration only.  Then we see the pictures of the Obama’s with the Bush’s at the White House during that transition and this showed how leaders of the great United States should be viewed.  President Obama has vowed to make the transition as easy as possible and he has pledged to support the incoming President’s transition to power.  The hand shake at the press conference followed by Trump stating that he looks forward to President Obama’s council was remarkable and conciliatory.  Unfortunately, not everyone is this mature.

Oprah Winfrey declared sincere happiness in the first meeting of Trump with Obama.  One of the most popular and influential women as well as one of the most wealthy women in America was rebuked by individuals that feel that the country is lost with the election of Trump.  People that adored her a week ago are quick to chastise the lady; a lady that feels that a conciliatory response between the two political parties can lead to a bright future for the United States.  These are the same people that are now rioting, not protesting in the streets of our major cities around the country.  It is unclear what they are protesting for.  The elections are not being contested by the Democratic party nor will Trump be unelected nor will the destruction of public and private property achieve anything.  Instead of protesting the elections, instead of causing civil unrest and instead of taking ball bats and destroying cars; lets march and offer prayers and support for the government with the hope that the country can be healed and once again gain the respect of the world and America can again lead the planet to a state of world peace.

Just as disturbing were images of celebrities crying and the wringing of hands as they wailed about the loss of Secretary Clinton.  Clinton came across with a conciliatory gesture in her speech that showed a great maturity and Trump was equally complimentary of his foe.  If these two can find a common ground of humility, then everyone should follow suit and work for the betterment of the country.  If anyone feels that they no longer want to live in our great nation and are not willing to work and possibly sacrificing to make this country work, then please tell me where I can donate to the fund to fly them out.  That is not the attitude nor the grit that build this country.

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