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A year ago I said this election was going to be interesting.  Recently we looked at where the election was going and it appeared that the advantage was with Clinton.  Since then our soap opera election had Clinton beating Trump up in the media but he was outpacing Clinton at the rallies.  Polls showed Clinton winning by a decent majority but enthusiasm appeared to be with Trump.  Well, this year has been anything but dull.  What the difference a week can make.  The strategy of a campaign is very import and since most of us are not in a position to impact the candidate’s strategy we can at least observe it and how interesting this year’s observation is.

Prior to last week the Trump campaign was chastising the Department of Justice due to the lack of prosecution of Clinton over the use of a private e-mail server that was used for official correspondence.  The meeting that Bill Clinton had on the tarmac at one airport with the Attorney General in her plane raised eyes and the explanation that they just visited and talked about grandchildren was laughable and only fueled the controversy of a cover up.  While the e-mail debacle was finally declared by Justice to be a non-event the Trump camp tried to keep this alive but it was quickly dying.  The e-mail strategy was vaporizing and few really cared anymore.

Then the women appeared in the Clinton camp and declared Trump had groped them and propositioned them. The list kept growing and this new twist to the Clinton strategy gained momentum.  This followed the playing of a ten year old sexist tape that was deplorable and sickening and looked to be end of the Trump campaign.  I had even declared this to be the final nail in the coffin for Donald Trump.  But, Trump appears to have more than nine lives.  He referred to the tape as ten-year-old locker room talk and said he regretted it.  Even though he regretted this the Republican party began distancing itself from Trump and his poll numbers plummeted.  Like the energizer bunny he just kept on running and like the Bulova watch of the 50, he took a lickin and kept on tickin.   Clinton kept the audio tape low key.  A good strategy as she let the court of public opinion rip the candidate.  Then he completely denied the claims of all the women that came forward and that move appeared to be working.  It was only their word and his strategy was to make them prove it as be began to attack them.  His poll numbers began to come back just as we have observed so many other times during the campaign.

Then on Friday of last week enter the FBI; the same FBI that said they were suspending the investigation of the Clinton e-mail server.  The FBI sent a letter to congress and stated they were re-opening the e-mail case.  Suddenly in the course of hours the political landscape changed.  Trump now lauded the FBI for reopening the case.  Smart strategy.  Clinton had a hastily called press conference, declared her innocence and then told everyone to go out and vote early.  This would make sense as once a vote is cast it cannot be changed but if a voter waits and new revelations are released they may change their mind and vote differently.  A clever strategy.   Of course, the Trump camp if now praising the FBI, the Clinton claims foul among suggestions of political dealings and the Attorney General is quiet.  While all this is going on Trumps numbers are going up and at the time of this writing, Sunday, it is now anyone’s race.

So what is in front of us in the last week of a quite unique Presidential race.  WiKILinks promises some more releases that are to be even more damaging to Clinton.  This should be interesting but for this to have any impact it needs to be released soon enough to cause a buzz with the voters but not so early that Clinton can provide a defense that the public will buy.  Timing is everything.  The only thing left that has not been focused on by the Trump camp is Benghazi.  I would have thought that Trump would have built on this and worked on America’s passion for its’ troops and diplomatic core.  As for Clinton, she needs to hunker down and see where she needs to perform damage control as an issue arises.  A week ago it was hers to lose; today it is anybody’s race.


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