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While growing up we may be introduced to different countries and cultures through formal education and media sources such as television.  This introduction provides a general understanding into the geography and people of another land.  As good as the education is and as good as a media report is about another country and its’ people it is not until a person has experienced face to face interaction with another people that the country and its’ inhabitants are fully understood.

At a young age I was fortunate enough to visit the Pacific island country of the Philippines; courtesy of the United States Navy.  It was a beautiful country and the people were very resourceful.  Everyone that could work did work.  While many lived in what we refer to as poverty, the residence did not realize this and went living life to the fullest.

A few years later I was in Saudi Arabia and a large amount of the labor force was from the Philippines.  These laborers made up a large percentage of the crafts that went into designing oil and gas facilities across the mid-east.  The Pilipino laborer was favored above other nationalities.  They were arcticians when it came to drafting, piping layout, welding and other construction crafts.  In addition to construction activities, the mid-east hospitals were filled with Pilipino nurses and medical technicians.  One of my British supervisors told me that if he could take the Pilipino welders from our project, move them to America and set up a company, he would become a millionaire.

Ties between the United States and the Philippines run deep.  Admiral Dewey defeated the Spanish Fleet during the Spanish American War in the battle of Manilla Bay, the bay located at the Philippine capital. America then provided a military force to protect the country while at the same time establishing a military presence in the Pacific at a key geographical location.  When Japan invaded and brutally controlled the Philippines during World War II it was America that liberated the country.

For decades the country was very appreciative of the sacrifices made by America to remove the foreign forces from its’ borders.  Military bases were allowed to be built and manned in the country.  Favorable trade agreements were made between America and the Philippines.  Philippe citizens were allowed to be a part of the U.S. Military and thus had a short cut to American citizenship.

So what has gone so horribly wrong with the relationship between America and the Philippines.  Another foreign policy blunder by the United States.  The Philippine President used an expletive toward the American president that was recorded recently and got wide coverage around  the world.  Now military agreements are being made between China and the Philippines; unheard of ten years ago.  Following the fall of Egypt and eventual control by the Islamic Brotherhood, America still honored deals that led to providing sophisticated arms to Egypt.  When the Philippines wanted sophisticated weapons we did not provide them.  The Philippines looked to China and China was more than happy to provide the weapons.  The Philippines also rescinded various military agreements with America but has since back tracked on that action.

Unfortunately, this is another example of failed American foreign policy.  We are not getting any better at this and our failed policy is pushing America farther to the back of the line when it comes to world admiration and power.

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