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There is no denying that I have been quite outspoken when it comes to the attack on Christmas in an effort by Corporate America to be “politically correct”.  For years I have been both amazed and disappointed as I walked through the various department stores and looked for Christian based decorations that commemorated the Christmas season.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that other religious holidays need to be eliminated nor ignored by marketeers nor discriminated against.  What I am saying is that Christmas is a religious as well as an American holiday and it should be celebrated as such.  The American holiday provides a break from work and the religious holiday provides a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Both should be allowed to be celebrated without ridicule.

I sit by silently as I watch Christmas slowly creep into the stores earlier each year.  This year I walked into Walmart in September, temperature in the 90s and there were the Christmas trees; all put together and decorated with twinkly lights.  It use to be Thanksgiving Day that ushered in the Christmas season.  Then it became Halloween and the decorations came up and Thanksgiving took a less meaningful position in American culture.  This year Christmas entered into Walmart after Labor Day and will diminish the Halloween season as well.

But relish in the fact that this year Walmart has become politically incorrect and a wonderful change in events that it is.  As I walked through the aisles glancing at what was filling the shelves, my eyes quickly caught a glimpse of merchandise stocked at the lowest shelf near the floor.  There was not one but two varieties of Nativity scenes.  Both depicting the birth of Jesus with the humans, animals, angle and Jesus and the manager were in the set.  The only difference was the size.  Then I spied a much larger nativity building.  Individual pieces were available for purchase so that a person can build their own large set.

What a change in events for the retail giant and what a welcome change even if it does break with the new found tradition of political correctness.  Walmart is politically incorrect and it is great.  Now let’s see if the Christmas is celebrated as it should and we find Christmas tree decorations with some religious significance and then let’s look for some type of religious based wrapping paper.

I am also curious to see what the other retail stores do about Christmas and if they will become politically incorrect.


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