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Several months ago I wrote that this election was going to be unique so sit back and enjoy the ride.  It has truly been a unique trip through the world of American politics.  Then last week even the most exceptional aspects of the race paled in comparison to what was disclosed.  If you like reality television the drama of the presidential elections should keep you on the edge of your seat.  Likewise, those that have a love for soap operas can find the presidential elections to be just as entertaining as anything viewed during the day.

Just when we observed a vulgar ten-year-old tape surface that was certain to seal the fate of Donald Trump, WikiLinks posted a new tape that disclosed private speeches given to Wall Street executives that provided a look into the soul of Hillary Clinton.

I’m writing this prior to the second debate but I think that the future of the presidential elections will be lifted to a new crescendo that will make a squeamish electorate even more ill.  Trump is going to have to counter punch the leaking of the condescending tape.  Here comes the Clinton scandals of the 90s.  Names long forgotten such as Flowers and Lewinski will be resurrected.  The statement that enraged country and western fans when Hillary mocked Tammy Wynette’s  song “Stand By Your Man” and said she was not that kind of person just for the sake of it.  Later she remained staunchly by her man during the Clinton’s scandal.  This is not a revelation nor a condemnation of Clinton, it is a look at a tactic that looms in front of us.  At the same time the Clinton base will use the newly leaked tape as a springboard to show that Trump is not worthy to be a President of the United States and this is based on his vulgar speech and his way he approaches women.

So this week we will hear about statements made in confidence ten years ago by Donald Trump and marital indiscretions performed by President Clinton more than fifteen years ago.  For those that enjoy the tantalizing intrigue of sex, this will be a golden moment for the presidential race.  For those that want to view our country as a beacon for decency and places the office of the President of the United as a pinnacle of right, this is a sad situation that our country is in.

How does each party treat these situations to insure a victory in November that will eventually chart a course for the future of the country?  The Democrats need to back away from the leaked tapes and let the turmoil take care of itself.  Multi media will keep the tapes alive and the Democrats can then focus on what it plans to do when elected.  The official line is positive and the unofficial line will allow the scum to be used to defeat Trump.  The Republican Party on the other hand has to perform damage control for the leaked tape and at the same time unload on past indiscretions of President Clinton.  Trump is going to have to be active and do what he can do best, attack with vigor and without remorse.  He has to continue to claim he is not a Washington insider and to prove it look at the Washington insiders that refuse to support him and if the country wants change, elect Trump.  Again, sit back and enjoy the ride.  We have never seen anything like this before and hopefully will never see this again.

There is one action that can move the Republican Party into a position that it has a chance to win the elections.  It is unprecedented, it is unique and it will rock the world of politics.  Donald Trump drops out of the race as the Republican candidate.  Mike Pence, his Vice President candidate and clearly presidential and one who clearly won the V.P. debate, will be elevated to the presidential candidate.  Then promote a failed presidential candidate to the position of Vice President candidate.

A very unique election year.


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