How is the best way to reinforce our belief in America?  How is the best way to show that America is truly a part of a unique experiment called democracy?  How is the best way to declare that you are a part of our political infrastructure?  The answer is simple; go out and vote.  Regardless if you are rich or poor.  Regardless if you are black, white, yellow, brown, red or some shade between.  Regardless if you are Republican, Democrat, Green Party. Libertarian or any other party in between.  The one thing to remember is that regardless of how unique you are, you are equal with everyone else when it comes to voting.  Our founding fathers guaranteed this; one man, one vote.

If a person wants to make a statement, voting is the way to do it.  Many say that their vote doesn’t count.  Nothing is further from the truth.  There are actually recorded instances that a person was elected by a difference in the popular election by just one vote.  Instead of boycotting an election, go out and plea your cause and then go vote.  I have personally witnessed how many people would have loved to have been able to cast their votes and thus help to determine the future of their country.  Recall the first votes cast in Iraq following the fall of Saddam Hussein.  It was euphoria as men and then unprecedented women cast votes for who would rule their country.  Unfortunately, without America’s commitment to transition the government, this free vote was tarnished by leadership that fell back to tribal nepotism.  Afghanistan witnessed the same excitement.  Unfortunately, many voters had their fingers cut off by the Taliban for voting.  The Taliban was so concerned of the freedom provided by the ability to vote that it had to make a statement to stop it.

We take a lot for granted in our great nation and the ability to vote is one of them.  So many men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice that insured that freedom would be guaranteed for our nation.  Six hundred and eighty thousand men and women have been killed in combat and we still have the ability to cast our vote.

Very soon we will elect the next President of the United States.  There is not a better reaffirmation of our support for our great nation than to vote.  There is also no excuse for not doing so.  We can pre-vote as well as cast a ballot on election day.  Surely we can take thirty minutes out of our lives to select the ruler of the greatest country on earth.  Then we are sending a message to the rest of the world that we take our liberties and freedoms seriously.


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