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This is probably the most dysfunctional presidential race in recent memory.  We have a candidate that is thought of as the heir apparent and represents the status quo in Washington.  At a time in American history when the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the federal government it would seem that this candidate would have a hard time garnishing votes.  This is not so and the individual, Hillary Clinton, is leading the polls.  On the other side of the race we have a candidate, Donald Trump, that represents change and has never held a public office of any kind.  His popularity is due to being a non- status quo candidate; however, his bombastic nature and presentation in public have turned off many voters.  Yes, this is a dysfunctional contest.

The race is so close that we will begin to see extreme measures to gain votes.   There are two debates left and these are going to become increasingly negative.  The ads on television will likewise become more and more negative and instead of a candidate disclosing what they will do for the country, they will be pointing out why the other candidate is not qualified to be our president.  My preference is to hear what the direction of the country will be in the future if a candidate is elected and not hear how bad things will be if the other candidate is elected.

There is one thing for certain; we will elect a new president in November and we will have a new president sworn into office in January.  What is unknown is what will happen after that.  When our current president was elected he pledged transparency and working with both parties to move the country forward.  Nothing could be further in reality.  Congress has voids between the two parties that continue to widen.  The White House has attempted to force regulations on the nation by the use of presidential orders and thus by pass the judicial body of our country.  This is in disregard to the direction of our founding fathers.  This is no more apparent than when Obamacare was being discussed and the law was not fully written.  The instruction was to pass the law and the details would be figured out after the law was enacted.  This was not an option and the details were written into the legislation.

Here is my hope.  Following the elections have the president call a time out.  Get the leadership in Washington together and forge out how the country will be run for the next four years.  Try to mend years of dissent and dissatisfaction.  Place the nation first and try to come to a common ground on major issues that plague our nation and once again become the leader of the free world.  Come up with a philosophical approach that we are not building a country for the next election or even the current lifetime of the leadership, instead we are building a country that will be inherited by our children and grandchildren.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the next six weeks.  It will be interesting and be sure to watch the vice presidential debates.  Those should be even more interesting than the presidential discussions.

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