Unless you have been living in a cave or stranded on a deserted island for the last year, you know that we are in the middle of a presidential election year.  Like all other election years since the beginning of the 1800s the presidential candidate for a political party is selected at a convention that is composed of party members from across the country.  Behind the scenes leaders of the party are developing strategy to defeat the candidate of the other party.

Over time change happens.  When political parties become so out of touch with main stream America and do not provide the communication to the party members with a clear agenda of what the party wants to accomplish, change will take place.  Today this is what we are witnessing in the Republican Party and I find it interesting to observe what is transpiring around us.  The Republican party is transforming itself, not from changes from the party leadership but from the rank and file members that make up the party.  The party leadership is either adopting the change and moving with it or some members are ignoring what the members are saying and refuse to embrace the new face of the party.

The members of the Republican Party have selected the individual that they want to see as President.  This is contrary to what the Republican leadership hoped for and right up to the moment of the convention there was discussion of ways to keep Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee.  The hue and cry of the common party member silenced this attempt and Donald Trump is the official Republican candidate.   The convention that officially selected him was in contrast to what we have seen in the past.  First, it was more of a family convention than a presidential convention as primary speakers were the Trump “kids” and this threw a new spin on the contest.  Present were former candidates but what was more apparent was the lack of certain Republican leaders that are sitting this one out.  The message is clear from the common man on the street that out there building this country that they have selected the candidate of their choice and the total party should be behind them and accept the path of the party that the new party is heading.  Two former Republican Presidents no endorsing the candidate of the party is unheard of.  Then there was the Ted Cruise speech and the fact that he refused to endorse Trump yet still spoke at the convention.  It will be interesting over the next few years as to how this works for him and his own political career.

The Democratic campaign is shaping up to be as dysfunctional as the Republican and it appears that change is on the way for that party as well.  I am writing this on the eve of the convention and what appeared to be an exciting event is living up to its’ hype.  First, this set of super delegates that does not have to be elected sways the selection of the Democratic candidate in the direction of how the party leadership wants it to go.  Hillary Clinton is the apparent nominee and while she appears to be the candidate of choice for the party elite, Bernie Sanders came in a close second with the super delegates going in a separate direction.  Now Wiki Links released documents that showed that the head of the Democratic National Committee showed favoritism toward Clinton.  Now how good is this turning out to be and the convention is shaping up to be as exciting as the Republican Convention.  Then add the revelation that the Head of the Democratic Central Committee, will not be allowed to speak at her own Convention.  How dysfunctional is that.

Times are changing and so are the political parties.  In a time of social media, instant news reports and people wanting change just for the sake of change; we are witnessing a transformation of both major political parties.  The time of back room politics and power plays by unknown power brokers is in for major change.

Last year I said that this is going to be an interesting race for the White House and sit back and enjoy.  So far it has not disappointed. The next four months will be an interesting and important time for the future of the country and the world.


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