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Huey Long was a very controversial individual. Some called him a demagogue while other thought of him as a savior that would bring America out of the Great Depression. Even after death his life continues to be a controversy as there is still speculation as to who actually killed him. Just as fascinating are the stories of other plots to assassinate the U.S. States Senator and previous Governor of the state of Louisiana. After the assassination of Long the Chairman of the Louisiana Public Service Commission opened his own investigation into the assassination and his findings were quit intriguing. This information originally came from a book by Harvey G. Fields that is no longer in print; however, the content was captured in a recent book titled “I Called Him Grand Dad, The Lost Political Papers of Harvey G. Fields”

The commissioner uncovered three plots following the actual assassination. The first came from various leaders and was manifested from anger toward Long. According to Fields the conspirators wore a piece of red ribbon to denote a type of brotherhood that was aligned in the assassin attempt. This was never manifested in any clear planning but showed how much Long was disliked in some circles.

The second attempt appears to have been better planned. Prior to the assassination, Fields was visiting Long in his hotel room and witnessed the presence of several armed body guards. Fields questioned Long about them and asked if he really thought that he was in peril. Long quickly answered that he was. He told Fields that there was a conspiracy for a cab to ram him between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Fields discounted this as improbable since the cab driver would have been committing suicide. Then several months after the assassination it was revealed to Fields that this in fact had been the plot. The cabby would swerve at the car and jump after doing so. The reward was a large sum of money. The conspiracy was very detailed and called for several people to be along the route to report on the Senator’s movement. According to the report given to Fields, one man had a bout of conscience and confessed to a priest. The priest couldn’t divulge the man’s name but did pass on the plot details. A very prominent radio evangelist was informed of the plat and made the call to Long.

The third was the plot that actually led to the assassination. Dr Weiss in a fit of anger succeeded in shooting and mortally wounded Huey Long. Fields did uncover several points that would lead one to suspect that there were others involved in the Long assassination. A week before the shooting a wealthy banker was asked to drop into a hat a contribution to aid in the defense of an assailant of help the widow in case of his death. The banker refused. A national radio announcer had also heard of a plot. Whether the actual   assassination was a part of the second plot that was mentioned or was an independent act will never be known. What is known is that two unidentified men were standing in the hall following the shooting and were never identified or seen again.

There were quit a lot of rumors about who actually killed Long. Some say that Weiss only hit Long with his fist and a stray bullet from one of the body guards hit Huey. Fields performed his own investigation. One man on the scene was a former sheriff and   state legislature by the name of J.E. Maclannahan from Caldwell Parish. He was present at the shooting and told Fields that he saw Weiss pull a gun and shoot Huey. Fields also talked to Sheriff Elliot Coleman who was present at the shooting. He confirmed that Weiss pulled a gun and shot Long one time. No body guard’s bullet hit Long.


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