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America is a unique demographic; fiercely independent, loyal inhabitants, strength of character and very benevolent identifies attributes of the country.  Nothing epitomizes these traits more than what can be found in the small cities, towns and villages of rural America.

Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the United States.  Upon taking the oath of the office, he bowed down and kissed an open Bible.  He was taking over the leadership of a country that was founded on values that were Christian in nature but also a country that would separate a state sponsored religion from the government and allow all religions to flourish without oppression or government intervention.  It was not a country that stopped a religion but it was a country that allowed all forms of religion to thrive.

This freedom of religion is no more apparent than rural North Louisiana.  Towns are filled with well-established Churches of the Christian faith while smaller Christian denominations are found in the larger cities.  Non-Christian denominations are established in the smaller cities.  Buddhist worship next to Muslims who worship next to Jews who worship next to Christians.  One of the unique qualities of America.   And part of this uniqueness is the benevolence and love that Americans shows for each other and this is nowhere more apparent than rural America.

Recently I attended a funeral for a young lady who lived in the upper part of Union Parish.  I had never met the girl but was friends with the family.  It was a work day and the service in the middle of the day.  The outpouring of affection was heartwarming as there was an overflowing of mourners and the church was filled to capacity.

Let someone in the community become ill or in need of help and watch rural America come to life.  How many calls for help have we seen and look at the love and generosity come forward?  Rural America has a tendency to take care of its’ own and social barriers of many types are torn down with the focus being on someone in need.

I love the patriotism displayed in the rural parts of our country and especially in the deep south.  When I was in college before joining the military, the country was in turmoil.  Riots and marches were taking place across America.  Instead of protesting I remember a petition being prepared to send to Washington to show support for the military.  Instead of spitting on our returning troops we welcomed them with open arms.

Today was a special day at Evergreen Baptist for the men that served in the military.  The armed forces melody was played and the members from each branch of service were asked to rise when their song was played.  The percentage of servicemen to the entire congregation was much greater than the national average of men that took up arms for America and it was quit an emotional event as the different branches of the military were greeted with applause.

The founding fathers would be proud of how America turned out when they look down on rural America.


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