John Locke was a prominent writer whose teachings were instrumental in the shaping of the Declaration of Independence.  Jefferson and other notable leaders that crafted the document were influenced by the words put to paper by Locke.  John Locke spoke of the state of nature and how man should live in harmony but when the life becomes out of balance and situations, dictators or governments place unrealistic burdens on a people, the people will eventually cause a change and return their lives to a balanced state of nature.

Several years ago I wrote about Hugo Chavez and his attempt to alienate his country from the United States.  Venezuela had nationalized its’ oil resources years earlier and unceremoniously sent American oil companies packing after they had built the vast oil industry for sixty years.  Venezuela still maintained friendly relations with America and the West until Chavez took power.

Venezuela is a country rich in natural beauty, resources and land mass.  As with any country in the world, the majority of the population want the basics in life.  These are the ability to work and make a living for their families, live in peace and have an opportunity to be free and have a say in their future.  This dream was dashed when Chavez came to power and rights were eroded to a point that economic cracks quickly formed.

When policies within a country go wrong it is hard for the country’s leadership to admit the failings and correct the fundamental governmental policies that led to the countries woes.  Instead it is easier to look for outside influences to blame for the problems within one’s own country.   In Venezuela’s situation the Unites States filled the space as the reason for Venezuela’s problems.  Chaves ranted against America much as Khomeini had done earlier in the 1970s and 80s in Iran.  The  Great Satan of Iran was now the despised nemesis of Venezuela.  A Venezuelan population with a large peasant presence bought the Chavez rhetoric and Anti-American protests were seen.  Make no mistake, there were and are a large part of Venezuela that wants freedom and Democracy but justice for voices of anti-government change is usually quite swift.  The dissidents remained silent.

Chavez embraced the Castro brothers who ruled Cuba as the last icon of the failed economic experiment of Communism and he continually expanded his dialogue of anti-American venom.  Then he fell ill to cancer.  Cuba was his choice of treatment but he ultimately succumbed to the disease.  This provided the perfect opportunity for Venezuela to reach out to the West and especially the United States and allow a new environment of friendship and cooperation to grow.  Unfortunately, this did not happen and a replica of Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, took power in 2013.

Corruption is rampant and the country has the highest murder rate in the world.  Drug trafficking ranks Venezuela as number four in the world.  It shows that as government becomes more centralized the more corruption that enters into the society at the highest levels of the government.

The economy of this beautiful country is in a shambles.  Despite the government blaming the United States for Venezuela’s woes, the population is finally not buying it.  People are standing in line for hours the find that they can only get a bag of sugar.  Convoys of rice are being looted as the military stand by and watch.  The people are rising and just as John Locke suggested, the people will ultimately regain control of their country and Venezuela will return to a balanced state of nature.

Let’s hope that the end of the highly regulated dictatorship of Venezuela is replaced quickly with little violence and loss of life. Let’s hope that the corrupt leadership packs up and moves to Havana.  Let’s hope that the new government builds a free market economy that places the good of the population as the most important charter of the country.  Let’s hope for peace to a lovely country with so much potential.


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