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A group of brave and brilliant men met in the hallowed halls of a building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and carved out one of the greatest documents in the history of the world.  This document guaranteed citizens of a country, yet to be formed, three things.  These were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and became a major statement in America’s Declaration of Independence.

This document was followed by the Constitution of the United States which contained the rules for running a government in a way that was different to anything the modern world had witnessed.  The Constitution worked in concert with the Declaration of Independence to craft a new nation built on a set of values that would allow a country to grow and expand and build itself by the hard work of its’ citizens.  There were mistakes and at one time the country even tried to tear itself apart.  Eventually mistakes were corrected, the nation healed and we continued to change and grow.

The Declaration declares that the guarantee of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are rights granted by our Creator.  While many argue that religion has no business in government, I argue that religion was instrumental in forming the fabric of our country.  This involvement of religion to government took a different form than what was being experienced in Europe.  We took Judeo-Christian values and built the ideals and principles of the religion into the principles of the new government but we did not mandate that any man had to follow a specific religious doctrine.  Instead it was mandated that any man had the right to believe and worship without government intervention nor without being forced to worship a government mandated religion.

Following the signing of the Declaration of Independence and implementation of the Constitution of the United States and after a brutal and bloody war, the world flocked to American so that they could live the American dream.  This dream did not guarantee wealth or fame.  It did not guarantee a chicken in every pot as Franklin Roosevelt promised during the great depression.  People flocked to America for the opportunity to build a new life in a new and free country.  All that was sought by these emigrants and by the citizens of this new nation was a chance to control their own lives and pursue happiness; whatever happiness is as identified by the individual and not by the government.

Since America was founded on a base of strong moral values, and since man has an opportunity to make laws in a method identified in the Constitution, and since a strong, fruitful and successful country builds a surplus of funds; it is only natural for America to become a benevolent society.  While this is a noble gesture and displays man’s compassion to man, it can also be taken too far and lead to a nation feeling that its citizens are entitled to a life that is not required for a citizen to work to obtain.

As time went by since the founding of our country the country became wealthier.  Excess funds led to more and more social programs.  Government felt that it could better handle the needs of its citizens instead of the citizens identifying what they needed and thus provide for themselves.  The proverb that “if a man is fed a fish he will return when he is hungry but if a man is taught to fish he will feed himself” was not well adopted by our government.   There are people that truly need help and these are the people that we, as a caring and compassionate society need to help.  Unfortunately, in the government’s quest to help all, our society is becoming more and more dependent on entitlement programs.  Then it is up to the men and women that are paying taxes from the salaries they earn that are funding these programs.

Many in government know that when their social programs are put into place that it is probably there forever.  It is extremely difficult to cut an entitlement program when it has been enacted.  Many say they are going to abolish Obamacare.  It won’t happen.  Parts may be removed and some parts may be adjusted but the entire program will not go away and truthfully, some of the program is good.  Once in place and people are receiving benefit from the program, the program remains in-place.  Other entitlement programs are the same but one thing is certain, expanding the entitlement programs will lead America down the path of many European countries and away from the governmental template that made us great.




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