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Several months ago I had noted that this campaign was going to be very unique so sit back and enjoy the ride; it would be like none we have ever witnessed.  This has not failed to come to fruition.

For the Democrats it is apparent that Hillary Clinton will become the first woman to be nominated by a major party as a candidate for president.  Bernie Sanders has not suspended his campaign for the democratic bid and is jockeying for major issues to become a part of the parties plank in 2016.  This will give a greater socialist flair to the Democratic party stance.

On the other side of the aisle, the Republican party has reconciled that it will recognize Donald Trump as its’ candidate.  He is so controversial that key leaders of the party have stated that they will not support him.  They will not back the Democratic candidate but they will not actively support Trump.

With the table now set for the general election what will be in store for the next six months of political activity.  Here is my prediction.

Hillary will adopt some of the issues that Bernie Sanders proposed.  Much to the ire of the lobbyist and large contributors from the financial sectors of Wall Street, she will propose election funding reform.  If elected it will be left to see if the proposal receives the attention promised since many of the groups affected have been large contributors in the past.  A minimum wage increase of a large proportion will be addressed but again the reality of a $15.00 an hour minimum wage will be fully disclosed once the election is over and will probably be watered down.  What will be interesting in the race will be how Clinton addresses the e-mail investigation and the horrific handling of the Bengasi incident that cost America the life of a U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  Trump will surely bring these issues up as well as former President Clinton’s marital indiscretions.

Trump is a novelty in political terms.  He has never held public office and is used to getting his own way. Seldom does he have to negotiate.  He has been bombastic and confrontational and has on occasion acted like a school yard bully.  Trump is also a master of speaking to the situation and it is expected that he will mellow his message, reconcile with as many enemies that he has created and make a valiant effort to pull the Republican party together.  He will move forward to correct the impression of how he views the female voting block and the Hispanic voting block.  Clinton will attack him on his original stance on pro-abortion plus his multiple wives and the use of illegal aliens to work on one of his properties in Florida.  If elected, the world will wait to see if the Trump wall is erected across our Southern Border.  In fact there will be some walls, some fences and sophisticated electronic and airborne surveillance.  The fence will become fact but the impression of what it will look like will be quit different than what gets put into place.

Regardless of who wins the race will possibly be the election of the century.  It will be nasty and will rival any reality show on TV today.  Eventually most will grow tired and the cry to get on with election day will be heard across the country.

Sit back and enjoy.  This will be an election to remember.


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