Today I read a very interesting article related to the United States expanding its war on ISIS by deploying B52 bombers into the attack.  These aircraft will be moved from their current bases in Saudi Arabia to a new location in Qatar.  While this seems like a simple dedication to America’s fight against terrorism the deployment and the relocation of the planes have underlying meaning.

The B52 is one of those air craft that we got right.  In a world of ever changing technology and a revolving door of new, better, faster and more maneuverable aircraft carrying payloads that could wipe out a small city, the B52 has been a hallmark of American firepower for generations.  The contract to build the B52 was awarded to Boeing in 1946.  The maiden flight took place in 1952.  It began full deployment in 1955 and had its’ sixtieth anniversary of continued service in 2015 and is expected to continue service into the 1940s. Unprecedented for any aircraft, civilian or military.

Four years ago when I began writing publically I wrote that we needed to make every effort to overthrow the despicable Assad regime.  The harsh treatment of the Syrian population dated back to the time that his father was in control of Syria.  At the time of my first writing there had been 240 civilians killed.  Today  the number is over 200,000 killed and millions displaced.  Had the United States intervened four years ago and the Syrian administration been overthrown the rise of ISIS would not have taken place.

When we finally began bombing operations we were late beginning the campaign and it was very limited.  Then due to our limited commitment, the door was opened for Russia to move troops and aircraft into the theater of operation.  They are there today and have become the super power leader, a role we once held.

Over the last year there has been a call to carpet bomb in Syria and northern Iraq.  Many presidential candidates and supporters of the current American regime ridiculed this action due to the large number of civilians that would be killed.  Amid smirks from speakers and laughing off the notion of carpet bombing and identifying carpet bombing as not being who we are, the use of massive bomber operations was attempted to be discredited.  Deployment of the B52s changed this and we are now poised to perform major and massive bombing operations.

To silence the anti-bombing voices around the country and world it must be realized that the United States will not bomb civilian targets, towns and cities, out of existence.  That is definitely not who the United States is.  However, when the enemy is caught in the open, and the desert lends to being caught in the open, we will now have the ability to destroy ISIS.  One B52 can carry up to 70,000 pounds of ordinance that can obliterate a large tract of desert filled with ISIS soldiers, trucks, tanks and equipment.  We are now taking the fight to ISIS.  Now let’s see how many times the planes go into action.

Another point in the announcement lost in the message that America is deploying B52s into the fight is the note that the planes will be moved from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.  The question here is why.  Saudi Arabia is closer to Iraq and Syria than Qatar.  The answer is simple, Saudi Arabia does not need to be depicted as allowing strikes from American planes against Arabs, even if it is ISIS.  Saudi is a pressure cooker and neither the Saudi’s nor America nor our European allies need a major uprising within the Kingdom.  Also, there is a distinct cautious trust between the Kingdom and America.  Once our strongest ally in the mid-East, Saudi worked closely with the United States for both military and economic guidance.  Recently Saudi went it alone in its attack on revolutionaries in neighboring Yemen.  This caught America by surprise as Saudi lost confidence in our great nation and what our lack foreign policy is.

Welcome to the fight B52s.


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