We are at a crossroads in our country and the future of a great nation as it once was is hanging in the balance.  A national fervor that wants change to a status quoi is exploding across our great nation.  This fervor, however, is not one sided and there are two views that are polar opposites.  As time goes by the pitch of the two sides is becoming louder and the rhetoric is becoming even more hostile and threatens to break apart a great nation.  This week two examples of what is wrong with our nation surfaced.  These examples give vision to why the country is screaming for change to our nation.

Several weeks ago Anthony Scalia died suddenly.  It was quick, unexpected and filled a void in the highest court of the nation, The Supreme Court of the United States.  (SCOTUS)  The Constitution of the United States states that the president  “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Judges of the Supreme Court.”  There is no time frame allocated to this and there are no restrictions applied to this either.  Before 1981 the approval process was swift.  It appears that earlier governments in congress and the White House understood the importance of keeping the Supreme Court filled and attempted to be more neutral in political assignments than today.  During the Truman through the Nixon administrations the selection and appointment process to place a new judge into a Supreme Court position was less than one month.  Since that time the appointment process has taken on political tones as advocacy groups and lobbyist attempt to influence lawmakers that vote to approve the new justice.  The approval cycle now takes an average of 2.2 months.

The President of the United States (POTUS) has stated that according to the Constitution he will submit to congress his nomination for the Supreme Court.  The Republican leaders in congress have stated that they will not interview the nominee and the appointment should take place after the new president is in place next year.  This is an abomination and discloses exactly what is wrong with our nation at the federal level and underscores what is driving our nation to vote out anyone that is a part of the establishment.  There is no reason to delay the selection of a Supreme Court Judge for ten months other than political preference.    A delay of this magnitude is an embarrassment to the ideals that were first envisioned to the writers of our great Constitution.

The second action that discloses a crack in our nation is also a smack in the face of our Constitution.  This is the freedom of speech.  So important to the writers of the constitution of the United States, Freedom of Speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment of this great document.

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen political rallies for presidential candidates.  One candidate has not only attracted a large following at his speeches but he has also attracted demonstrators.  The demonstrators have the right to speak.  What they don’t have is the right to disrupt the speaker and cause chaos at a particular event.  This, again, highlights what is wrong with our country.  A protester has a right of free speech but not to the extent that they prevent a speaker at a rally from delivering his message even if the protester proclaims their own freedom of speech.  The divide in the country is widening as one group believes it is their moral right to be able to be able to disturb a candidate’s speech because the protest group doesn’t like the message being delivered.

Unfortunately, the next leader of our nation has his or her hands full.  Healing is going to be of paramount importance as the normal day to day activities of running the greatest nation in the history of the world must also be accomplished.  It is also going to take more than leadership.  It is going to take a conscious decision by the population of our great nation to understand that we must make sacrifices and place the good of the country ahead of petty individual causes.


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