Last week I was in New Orleans for a Project Management convention.  It was an amazing few days as I was able to meet other Project Mangers from a geographical area ranging from Colorado in the West to Mississippi to the East to northern Missouri in the North.  It was gratifying that a job I began working in over forty years ago is now an acknowledged profession.  While I relished in the maturation of my beloved vocation, I also had a couple of wake up calls that said that our society and culture was changing right before my eyes.

When I was growing up World War II was well known and understood.  Parents did not talk a lot about it but it was still a point of pride within America.  I was born five years after the end of World War II and at the age of twenty I too went to war and was honored to have served my country.  The story of World War II remained with our culture and my children understood the sacrifices made to keep the world free.  This week, twenty-five years ago, the end of Desert Storm happened.  This was a victory that could have, should have, led to a world at peace.  When in New Orleans I was talking with a man from Little Rock that told me that he visited a middle school and asked the class how many knew about Desert Storm.  Not one child had heard of the war.

New Orleans is the home of the World War II museum.  This is a work in progress as it is ever expanding.  A man at the convention said he visited the museum and there were some quit sobering pictures of the war.  There were also children at the museum.  Instead of being sickened by the sight of the graphic pictures of dead and wounded they instead equated the pictures of their video games.  The pictures of war have somehow been marginalized to our youth as realistic games of death and destruction have taken the place of reality.

I shrugged this off as I turned on the news and there were candidates running for the highest and most powerful position in the world act like they were elementary school children.  Their childish behavior didn’t even rank the intellect of a junior high student.  I watched one Democratic candidate bark like a dog like some drunk co-ed at a post football game party.  I was speechless as the thought of the leader of Iran sitting in front of his television, words translated in Farsi, and he could no longer control his laughter.  Then I observed two Republican candidates not only bashing each other but doing so in a manner that would have had a child sitting in the corner with a nose stuck on the wall.  One speculated that the other candidate was so nervous at the previous debate that he had wet himself.  This prompted the second candidate to return the indignity by saying that the other candidate had left a puddle on the ground.  Quit amusing until it is realized that these men represent the United States in its’ most respected position.  I am sure that Vladimir Putin is giggling with pleasure as he watches this comedy show unfold in front of the world.

Two things stick out from the presidential race.  First, the one person in the top four of the Democratic and Republican party that is acting with some sort of dignity is a socialist.  How ironic that the one candidate that acts in a presidential manner represents a theology that America has despised since the early days of socialism.  The other thing that sticks out at me is that America is enjoying the show.  Instead of shock, the Trump/Rubio show is viewed more as entertainments instead of selecting the man that will rule our country and provide a mature level of leadership for the world.

The culture of America is definitely changing.


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