On December 18, 2010 a revolution in a country that many had not heard of and few could point out on a map started a domino effect that would have a major impact on the future of the world.  The small mid-eastern country of Tunisia began the revolution that spread across the countries of the Arab League.

Tunisia was only the first to fall.  Three months after the beginning of the Tunisian revolution the countries of Egypt, Libya and Yemen had forced their leaders from power also.  Bahrain and Syria had revolts and Saudi Arabia made the bold move to send troops across the long causeway to reinforce the Bahraini government and the home of two American naval bases.   Minor protests were rocking the countries of Mauritania. Oman. Saudi Arabia, Djibouti the Western Sahara and Palestine.  The mid-east was either in flames or smoldering.

This is similar to the Revolutions in Europe in 1989 that led to the collapse of Communism.   The main difference is that there was little crack down on the protesters in Europe while the mid-east witnessed some major strikes on the protesters.  Whether it was Europe or the Middle East there is one thing that is common, the citizens of the countries wanted a change in its’ government.  The population was not pleased with what they were living under, they wanted change and in many instances they were successful.  When a country did fall it was replaced for the most part with some sort of Democratic government.

The one thing that is common in the revolutions that took place was that they were a big surprise to the country and the world.  The government and population did not understand what was happening until the established government failed.  This is what is happening today in the United States.

America is seeing the beginning of its; own Arab Spring but is not totally in tune with what is happening.  We are witnessing the selection of the candidates to represent the Republican and Democratic parties in a general election that will determine the President of the United States for a four year period.  Today the leader of the Republican selection is a man that never held public office nor ever ran for public office.  On the democratic side the second place participant is a declared socialist.  The mere suggestion of a socialist in office would have been unheard of twenty years ago.  Today the socialist presidential candidate is a very popular candidate and is garnering support from the youth of America, the same age group that launched the protests in the Mid-East and Europe.

The revolution that we are seeing is quiet with no protests.  Instead it remains within the confines of the law of America and is a part of the core of our constitution.  The revolution is being held in the electoral process.  Americans are not voting for a candidate.  Instead they are voting against an established government that Americans have lost faith in.  This is sad in that our government has gotten to a state that its’ citizens feel it must be changed, regardless of political party.

The presidential race is like nothing we have ever seen and hopefully the reasons for the uniqueness of the campaign will never be with us again.  As interesting as the campaign is and will be, the question is, “Is this all there is?”.   Will the country stop with the presidential elections or will the revolution spread to congress and the state elections and filter down to local elections.  While change is usually good, America has to be careful and not become so emotional that it votes politicians out of office without a making a conscientious decision based on the merits of the person running for office. The next four years should be very interesti


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