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On March 6th, 1836 between one hundred and eighty – two and two hundred and fifty-seven men were huddled behind the walls of a crumbling adobe mission beside the Mexican town of Bexar.  These men had come to Mexico from the United States to settle or seek adventure.  For thirteen days these men  had been under siege by a Mexican army bent on kicking the Americans from Mexican Territory.

The men l had fought minor skirmishes for twelve days. They knew that they could not hold out with the resources they had, so they waited for help.  Total surrender was not an option.

They were outnumbered by the Mexicans.  The besieged were good shots but still might makes right and they were outnumbered by as much as ten to one.  During the siege couriers were sent out to rally support.  For twelve days the men waited behind walls for reinforcements.  A few men did arrive but the main force would not come to the rescue.

On the thirteenth day the Mexican forces began a full frontal attack.  Twice they were repulsed as the besieged forces held off the superior numbers.  It is unknown at what point in the siege did the defenders begin to come to the reality that no one would be coming.  Many of the defenders were there for a noble cause and had no expectations of monetary gains.  These men must have felt abandoned as they asked themselves where is the army that will come to save them.  This army of salvation would not come and on the third attack the walls were breached and all defenders were killed.

This noble effort exemplifies the spirit that built America.  The sacrifice of the men behind the walls led to great things.  “Remember the Alamo” was the battle cry that rallied Texas forces to defeat the Mexican Army. This led to the independent republic of Texas which later was annexed by the United States to become the largest state until Alaska gained statehood.

The lack of forces to come to the aid of the besieged was a dark part of the Texas fight.  It must have been gut wrenching to the defenders to realize that they were alone.  This would not be the last time for this to unfold.  In 2012 Libya had deposed its’ tyrannical leader, Miramar Gadhafi.  Armed groups vied for control and Al Quadra was one of these groups. During the spring and summer of 2012 Al Quadra launched skirmishes that failed to kill western diplomats and other westerners.  America had a foreign mission in Benghazi and this was visited by the American Ambassador to Libya.  He was dedicated to supporting the freedom of Libyans and wanted to help grow Libya into a democratic country.

The United States, the owner of the greatest assortment of military might in the world, had a handful of contract security men in Benghazi.  These men were from trained elite military units and had left the military to become contractors for the CIA.  These men exuded the spirit of an America that had gone to war and won for over two hundred years.  Honor was placed above all else.  They knew that if anything went bad the might of the United States and its’ military  could be relied on to come to the rescue.

On Sept 11th the American Diplomatic Mission was attacked and the men at the CiA annex, the contract security men, went to the aid of the men under attack.  Reminiscent of the Calvary arriving on horseback, the former SEALS, Rangers and Marine came to the rescue; unfortunately too late.  The Ambassador and an Aid had been killed.

The American  warriors fought their way back to their CIA compound where militant Libyans were massing for an attack.  Pleas began to go out for assistance.  A convoy was prepping to come from Tripoli.  Lack of planning slowed the arrival.  Then the attacks began.  Superior numbers of forces attacked the CIA compound.  America was at its’ finest hour as six men using training obtained in the military held off a superior force.  These defenders were sure that America would not abandon them and help was on the way.

Targets were “painted” with lasers by the defenders so that laser guided missiles would hit their targets.  Even if missiles were not launched a pass over of fighter jets would have the effect needed.   If anyone has ever been buzzed by one of these aircraft they understand the unnerving affect of the earth shaking noise emitted when a jet passes over at low altitude.   Like the men at the Alamo the reality of the situation must have eventuallysunk in and it was understood that there would be no missiles, no drone strikes, no fly over; no help. This was America at its’ worse.  Men that lived by the creed, “No man left behind” must have wondered, what has happened.

When it was all over, two of these noble American’s died and the flag draped coffins of these two and the two state department officials arrived at Dover Air Force base among a very poignant and somber homecoming.  America at its’ best, America at its’ worse.


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