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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. This is a view that gives us optimism for the future and insures us that we can start over, regardless how bad the past has been and regardless of how depraved the present is. The person that believes in this adage is the person that views the glass to be half full instead of half empty. It is this optimism that built a country, optimism that crafted a wild resource-rich land into an industrial giant; one that leads the world with strength and generosity and kindness.

Last year was not good in some aspects but was very good in other areas. Politically we were a mess. Economically we were neutral; employment improved, oil and gas was a disaster, the stock market will close slightly lower to flat for the year but some of the manufacturing sectors improved. America’s spirit, this is improving and looking very good.

I am personally a person that sees the glass as being half full. I am also a realist and wearing rose colored glasses is not the way to fix problems. Instead it is a way to mask issues and hide from reality. It is important that we face our demons, tackle them and improve our future. I also feel that like today being the first day of the rest of our lives, January is the first month of the rest of our lives and 2016 is going to be a good year in general for our nation. With the American spirit soaring anything and everything is possible.

2016 will show little improvement to the oil and gas industry. Not only is America able to provide large quantities of hydrocarbons, Iran will be coming on-line will additional crude hitting the world market. China’s growth will slow and thus the growth demand for oil and gas will slow in that huge market. Additionally as ISIS is defeated, Iraq will put evermore oil on the market to help rebuild its’ country. As demand grows in the United States, drilling will not be immediately affected as plugged wells that were previously drilled will be brought on-line and stored stocks waiting for price increases will be used first. While this looks dire there is still a half full glass. Market economies build innovation and lower oil prices will ultimately lead to development of more economical methods to produce the oil and gas trapped inside Americas crust.

Politically there are two things apparent. First America is sick of the grid lock in Washington. Secondly, leadership within congress understands that they have a mess and negotiations and agreements between the two major political parties must take place to allow our country to regain the greatness of the past. Once again the glass is half full. Congressional leaders know what they have to do and they will do what is required to get our country back on track. The Legislative Branch, not the Executive Branch will provide this leadership in 2016. 2016 will disclose another significant political impact for the country. We will elect a new president; that is a given. For my half-filled glass I am confident that we will elect a leader that will continue to build the confidence of the citizens of America while providing a bridge to heal the rift between America and the remainder of the world.

The economy of the United States will continue to grow. The Federal Reserve raised the prime lending rate by ¼ percent; and we survived. As much as some thought the sky would fall it the economy survived and sends a different message. The Federal Bank feels that our economy is doing so good that they can slightly tighten credit. This will probably repeat itself twice again in 2016 and my half full glass tells me that the increases are due to a much better economy and we will thrive through it with interest rates on savings also growing. The silver lining to the oil and gas cloud is that there is more money available to purchase goods and services. Travel and tourism will benefit and costs of goods should hold as-is or decline since transportation costs will be lower.

Now for the half empty. Our government can derail this or detrimentally impact my full glass if the government adds more regulations that hamper our ability to be ingenious and creative. A loosening of government regulations will only help our country regain the greatness it once possessed.

Happy New Year everyone. 2016 is going to be a good year,


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