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Amazing what just 24 hours can make.  Yesterday Russia was the big boy in the fight against ISIS.  France was taking the leadership position for the West and while America talked about how ISIS would be stopped France was doing something about it with the air raids followed up today as it builds a coalition.   Yesterday the main players were France and Russia with America playing a smaller but still vital role in the war on ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Today all this has changed.

Turkey did something that the West could not do in the Ukraine.  Turkey told Russia not to violate its; Turkish air space.  It warned Russia not to do so for the last several days. Russia ignored the warnings just it had done in the Ukraine and just as it had done when it moved into Syria.  There was one difference though; Turkey did what it said it would .  No rhetoric, no diplomatic talks, no back tracking on what it said it would do.  It was like the movie Billy Jack.  He was surrounded by thugs and the main bully asked him what he was going to do about it.  Billy Jack responded by saying” I’m going to place my right foot in your left ear and nothing on this earth is going to stop me.”  And that is exactly what he did.

Now Russia is stunned and trying to figure out how to respond.  Turkey is huge and has a tough, real tough military.  Russia’s foreign policy is based on bullying and ignoring other governments as Putin flexes his muscles.  In twenty-four hours the table has turned.  Turkey has now flexed its’ muscles and Putin is on the defensive and it is his turn to respond.  Surely he will not perform a military action.  To make it worse for him he has NATO to consider.  The Ukraine was not a member of NATO so PUTIN could move in there with impunity and this led to annexed territory and the downing of a Malaysian Air Liner.  Turkey is a strong NATO ally and if attacked it is the obligation of NATO to respond to this attack.

Now Putin is on the receiving end of terrorism and his own style of actions following the bombing of a Russian passenger plane and the downing of a Russian military plane alleged to be over Turkish Air Space.  My, how twenty-four hours can make such a difference.

On a more grizzly note,  the defenseless pilots of the burning aircraft hit by air-to-air missiles from American supplied Turkish aircraft were parachuting to the ground.  It has been reported that the Syrian forces loyal to turkey machine gunned them in the air.  This is contrary to modern warfare and portrays what a barbaric war is being waged in Syria.  This act further complicates the situation that Putin is in and how he will respond to it.  While this has not been confirmed it is hoped that the report is false and there is slightly more humanity being shown in this horrific war.


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