Vladimir Putin is America’s best motivator. This may seem strange that the man that has rebuilt the Russian military, invaded an ally, snubbed his nose at America and its’ President and laughs at any threat that America throws his way can be considered to be an American motivator. Now he has taken the initiative to physically do something in Syria in spite of America objecting and the world realizing that all he is doing is propping up President Assad; a nemesis of the United States and Europe.
When Putin came to power he took over the leadership of Russia after the country had taken a nose dive in prestige following throwing off the shackles of Communism. While the majority of the country welcomed a chance at democracy, it had problems maintaining any semblance of world power and moral eventually waned. Vladimir Putin came to power and began to change the way Russia would be viewed by the rest of the world.
His brazen approach to foreign policy worked. When sanctions on Russia were put into place following the Ukrainian invasion they had no effect on Putin’s plan. The decline in the Russian economy due to the downturn in the collapse in the oil market hurt the country but the new found pride is softening the blow. Russia has also quietly beefed up its military and is threatening a nuclear expansion.
American foreign policy stood by and watched this unfold. Then as Syria became more dire Russia began providing diplomatic direction and undermined the American foreign policy in the Middle East. Following several years of turbulence in Syria which included very limited action by America to control ISIS, Russia used the ISIS situation as a pretext to move its’ military into Syria. The only thing about this use of Russian Force is that Russian air strikes not only hit ISIS but hit other forces, loyal to the West, that threatens President Assad.
In 2014 Putin was listed as the most influential man in the world. He was just selected to the same position for 2015 but for the first time in history, a standing U.S. President was not in the top two. Andrea Mirkel, Prime Minister of German, took second place while President Obama dropped to third. This degeneration in public popularity coupled with Russia’s intervention in Syria has led to a new found motivation to do something against ISIS, to take a lead. Bombings have quickly risen from American aircraft and last week America provided close air support as Iraqi forces are attempting to take a major ISIS site. Vladimir Putin has become the catalyst that had pushed our Federal Government to do what it should have done years ago.
But here is another prediction. Russia had a passenger plane blown from the sky over Egypt. This is a total game changer as the Russians have been slammed directly by ISIS. They can no longer bluff their way in foreign policy. With Russia in a precarious position and America being viewed as a paper tiger, the two countries may well form a strong alliance to actively take on ISIS. Then we will see Europe fall into support following the Paris bombings. France will take an active lead. Iraq, Saudi, Jordan and the UAE will provide support as the terror organizations is at their door steps. Then, we will finally see an end to ISIS.


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