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In 2012 President Obama referred to ISIS as a JV (Junior Varsity) team. He later tried to retract this by saying that he was referring to various Al Qaeda factions. In fact he was referring to a statement about Fallujah, Iraq and various small areas in Syria falling to ISIS which actually was a founded as a part of Al Qaeda. So brutal was ISIS that Al Qaeda broke away from being associated with that horrific organization.
While America was asleep at the wheel and was more interested in removing itself from the Middle East than winning the peace, ISIS was killing and raping its’ way across Iraq and Syria. Iraq had requested American aid and drones to fight the early surge of ISIS and America held fast that it would not engage in the ISIS conflict. By the time America woke up ISIS controlled a land mass the size of the United Kingdom. This wake up led to little more than lip service and reluctantly launching air strikes in consort with the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The initial strikes were small in number with claims that we could not find targets.
Several years ago I wrote that if left unchecked ISIS would flow through Europe and eventually launch strikes into our own homeland. We have witnessed the attack on Fort Hood where a “line wolf” U.S. Army Major killed and wounded many on the base as he sympathized with radical Islam. Our administration would not list this as terrorism but referred to it as workplace violence. Then we watched as ISIS expanded it ideology into Africa as Boca Haram claimed allegiance to the terrorist organization two thousand miles away. Boca Haram is a despicable organization in Kenya made famous by capturing, enslaving and selling hundreds of school girls and is now claiming more territory.
Earlier this year the world watched in shock as Paris was gripped in terror as a couple of ISIS terrorist attacked a French News Paper, killed twelve workers and drew accolades from ISIS. World leaders poured into Paris as a sign of solidarity. All were there with one exception, the United States of America, the torch of freedom, the hall mark of liberty sent no delegation. The Attorney General of our great nation was there but instead of remaining in Paris to proclaim American support he packed up and left claiming scheduling requirements. America claimed it could not send a delegation due to inadequate time to insure security. Israel, ISIS’s most hated nation, had no issue with security and the Israeli Prime Minister went to Paris. We did later send our Secretary of State with Paul Simon to serenade the French President with the song, “You Got a Friend”. I bristled as I watched this spectacle and thought of how the world leaders were laughing at the attempt of our great nation to appease a poor American performance to show solidarity with France during its’ time of need.
Finally Russia moved forces into Syria to confront anyone opposing the Assad regime; the same regime we want to see overthrown. Russia began attacking ISIS positions and other rebels that opposed both Assad and ISIS. What a mess and now ISIS has apparently blown a Russian Commercial air liner from the skies over Egypt. What Russia has prompted is for America to step up its’ air campaign in Syria and Iraq. Apparently the targets we could find have now been discovered.
Last week it became clear that what we had written bout years ago continues to unfold. Paris was hit and hit hard. ISIS is taking the fight to Europe and this is just going to continue. It is a very complex issue and the solution becomes even more complex as time allows ISIS to morph into an even greater politically structured beast.
Here is my prognosis of where we are and where we are heading if we do not take the beast head on and destroy it. Our president proclaimed that ISIS was contained. Hours later ISIS struck Paris. We must change our attitude or eventually ISIS will be striking in all parts of Europe with impunity and there will be some big hits in America. Eventually the world will be war weary, Syria will be under total ISIS control, large tracks of Africa will be affiliated to ISIS and Iraq will be teetering on collapse. ISIS, or the Islamic State, will be recognized as a legitimate government and negotiations will be held between ISIS and the West. If that happens ISIS will have won. We cannot let this happen. It won’t be pretty and it will take a long time and unfortunately we will be spilling the blood of our young. And to think this could have been eliminated years ago with a small intervention.

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