We are in the middle of an election season and it will remain here for the next year. Many an American is frustrated with the gridlock in Washington and what appears to be the inability of the government to make a decision. The typical citizen voices concern that their vote is not heard and their vote really doesn’t count when voting for a candidate, a tax or a constitutional amendment. There is the argument that we elect officials that do not follow through with their promises so why bother to waste time at the polls.
While some of these arguments have some merit, and while some of the arguments are perception that really have no basis and while some of the arguments are based on promises with the requirements to fill these promise not being fully understood by the candidate; the casting of a vote goes deeper than and means more than the outcome of votes cast at the polls.
Voting is a guarantee provided to the citizens of our great country. This was written by the founders of our nation and it was guaranteed that each person had one vote and thus each person is a powerful as the other, regardless of race, creed, age or financial standing. Every man is equal when voting and this concept is a part of the fiber of America.
When the person casts the vote on Election Day, that person is not only attempting to select a winner of a political race, that person is affirming his allegiance to a concept, a belief, a god given right. That person is voicing his reinforcement in patriotism of America and the American spirit.
Voting began with the ancient Greeks about 500 BC. This was the beginning of democracy and has been a part of democratic philosophy for over 2,500 years. The Romans took the concept and refined it. While the method of casting votes has drastically changed over the years and voting participation has morphed to become more all inclusive of all citizens, the initial concept remains; one man one vote.
When America was founded 239 years ago our forefathers made the concept of voting an integral part of how our country would be governed. This concept is one of many freedoms that Americans have fought to defend. Over the years Americans have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep America free and thus preserve our right to vote. Over 8,000 Americans gave their lives to gain democracy. Since the end of the Revolutionary War over 656,000 men and women gave their lives to preserve the freedom that was hatched in the red brick Pennsylvania State House by a group of noble and brave patriots.
There is nothing easier to do to affirm patriotism for the nation than to cast a vote. In the early days of voting in our nation a person was allowed to vote “absentee” only if the voter would sign an affidavit that the citizen be out of town on Election Day. This has now changed and a person can walk into the Registrar of Voters Office weeks before the official election day and cast a vote; no restrictions. A ten minute trip to vote is a wonderful way to cast a vote to affirm allegiance to our great country.


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