The United States was founded two hundred and thirty-nine years ago. At the time the Declaration of Independence was signed a person was free to enter into any line of business that he desired if the person could secure adequate funds. This allowed new businesses to be invented and developed. The country grew and as land was added to our country the opportunities appeared to be endless. The addition of the Louisiana Purchase by Thomas Jefferson for three cents an acre doubled the size of our country. Other acquisitions such as Alaska led to the country we have today.
Immigrants arrived from all parts for the world. The west coast witnessed mass immigrations from China while New York saw the arrival of hundreds of thousands from Europe. The fiber of a people that would leave home with the realization that they would probably never return to see their relatives or home land led to building a nation of risk takers. These individuals were willing to take chances to enhance their own place in society and thus build a new country.
As the nation grew, two resources of paramount importance for growth were available in America. These were abundant natural resources and cheap labor. Immigrants needing work could rely on working in sweat shops with unsafe conditions and receiving low pay. For many this was the only option from a country that was supposed to offer an equal chance for a wonderful future. Resources were being depleted at increasingly inefficient rates and our land and air was being fouled by indiscriminant resource extraction methods and manufacturing processes. Banks were lending money with little regard for security. Various financial collapses ensured with the first beginning during Andrew Jackson’s administration. Various regulations had to take place.
Labor Unions formed and better working conditions were put in place. A minimum wage was implemented where no wage controls had existed. Regulations were instituted to insure that the environment was protected and banking regulations would guard against future financial collapses as was witnessed during the Great Depression. Americans were better protected and the open market allowed the country to grow to become the flag ship economy of the world. But regulations continued to be implemented and increased at an alarming rate. One a regulator comes through the door to fix a problem the regulator seldom leaves and more regulations are stacked on top of other regulations.
Today, regulations are beginning to take their toll on our nation’s ability to remain creative. These regulations are thwarting the ability for the small entrepreneurs to obtain the finances required to turn their dreams into job producing companies. Corporations and small businesses that are in existence today are being continually bombarded with increasingly more regulations. These regulations are making it difficult for businesses to perform its’ work in an efficient manner. Continually increasing our nations regulations on American commerce will eventually lead to turning our country into a second rate economy. We are not leaving a bright future for our children and grandchildren.
The economy that has been leading the world in growth is China. While the communistic country is full of regulations, it is it’s economic reform of removing centralized regulations that is fueling the phenomenal growth. At the same time, the United States is choking its own growth by continually increasing its own regulations. Unless fundamental changes take place, America will fall into a world of bureaucratic paperwork much like the lethargic economies of Europe and stand by while China, India and other developing countries become the leading economies in the world and America can only talk about its’ past and how great it used to be. In the mean time we will become even more regulated as a more socialist government becomes the norm for our great nation.


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