Last week we awoke to hear that a deputy in Houston had been murdered. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman was pumping gas when a man approached from behind and shot him. While Hickman lay on the ground the assassin stood over him and fired multiple rounds into the defenseless deputy. This was the twenty-fifth officer killed this and year and follows the death of two murdered police officers in Louisiana this week. Louisiana now leads the nation in police killed by guns this year with six.
On several occasions over the past eighteen months police have killed several individuals and thus caused accusations of racial generated deaths. On several occasions grand juries have found that charges should not be filed. On other occasions it was deemed worthy to hold trials for officers for the deaths of African Americans. Unfortunately, on several occasions’ individuals in major leadership positions in our country prematurely commented on some of these incidents. When calls for peace and calm should have been reverberating from our leaders, we instead heard comments that fueled the level of dissent and unrest.
Now the shoe is on the other foot and the White House and certain activist have gone mute. Many of the so called activist have only their pwn best interests at heart and care little for what is of importance to the country or citizens of the nation. Al Sharpton was quick to accuse the Duke Lacrosse team of sexual misconduct until facts revealed that the accusations were false. While he grandstanded and severely hurt the reputations of several young men, he never offered an apology when it was shown that he was totally out of line. Instead he moved on to stir up racial hatred in Ferguson, Missouri. The Grand Jury met in this case and this meeting ultimately led to a “no bill” against the officer accused of killing a young African American male. Again there was no retraction of comments from any leadership and the fires burned higher against our noble law enforcement officers.
At the same time leaders in Washington also made comments that raised the question of police abuse due to racism. This has done little to ease tension and has instead fueled animosity in some areas of our society. These comments do nothing to our society except to foster a dislike for our law officials. At a time that leadership tempered in the fires of a turbulent past should be calming the waters, we have seen actions and comments that have only expanded a dislike and disrespect for our law officers.
Last week we not only witnessed the murders of three law enforcement officers but we also saw in real time the assassination of two young journalist in Virginia. Instead of comments from our leadership on the violence of the week, we hear that this action is why we need gun control. Instead of hearing that we need to address mental health and bring it out of the closet and take a mature look at it, we hear nothing from our leaders. Instead of hearing that a task force composed of all races and all walks of life is being formed to tackle racial issues and discuss this in a manner that we can all learn from, we hear that a confederate flag will longer be sold at major retail stores.
So where are the shouts praising law enforcement across our country and condemning those that do them wrong. This lack of leadership screams from the mute voices on Capitol Hill. It is imperative that we show our support for law enforcement much as we have done for our young men and women of the military. Forty-five years ago men were spit on when they returned from Viet Nam. Today they are applauded as they walk through an airport, and justifiably so. Let’s expand this to our men and women in blue that put their lives on the line to keep us safe and uphold our laws. Let’s step back and take a close look at mental health and what the greatest nation in the world can do to help those that need it. Let’s take a fresh look at racial unrest and see what can be done to heal the past and continue to build our country. Last, lets elect members to office that have the maturity and leadership to make the tough decisions to unite our great nation.


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