This will appear in the Farmerville Gazette, Farmerville, Louisiana, week of 6/15/2015.

American citizens are fortunate to be a part of a country where we can go to sleep under a free moon while experiencing a feeling of safety as we close our eyes and drift into a gentle slumber. This has been a hallmark of our great nation. Never have we had bombs fall on our heads and only rarely have foreign forces crossed our border. Once the British invaded America and the War of 1912 saw the burning of the White House and the Battle of New Orleans. Mexico’s rebellion leader Pancho Villa invaded New Mexico, burned a town, retreated after one day and despite months of tracking Villa, General “Black Jack Pershing” was unsuccessful in finding the invader. Despite not being captured, Villa saw America as being serious about the invasion and he never crossed the border again.
Unlike our European, Asian and Mid-East allies, America has never been under a real threat to our internal freedom….until now. America is under attack and it is not fully understood by the citizenry what the attack is and how intense this violence is.
While bombs are not falling and the report of artillery is not heard and goose stepping boots are no heard in the streets of our great nation we are constantly be bombarded. America and our world has become dependent on the internet. Businesses are dependent on the high speed mass data transmission provided by the internet. What use to take days to send large amounts of information via “snail mail”; this same data can be transmitted in seconds. The internet has connected our world in ways that could not have been realized merely twenty-five years ago. This network of interconnected circuits, wires and electronics allows citizens of the world to freely communicate at the speed of light. This freedom does not come cheap.
Governments and corporations possess data that must be kept secure. If a credit card company has data stored for customers and this information is compromised by a thief; that thief can then illegally use the information to make purchases and thus perform theft. If the United States government is developing future generation weapons and a foreign government “hacks” into the government data from the internet, the ability to maintain our security is put at risk. To prevent this data loss, companies and governments develop elaborate security measures to keep people and governments from going through the internet and obtaining this important information. Unfortunately, this has not been totally successful.
North Korea hacked into Sony Corporation’s files and released embarrassing personal e-mails that ultimately led to company executives leaving Sony. China and Russia are continually probing government and corporate data bases hoping to break in and steal valuable data. This recently led to millions of individuals’ personal information being compromised from the data bases of the Internal Revenue service. Target was hacked several years ago and credit card data was stolen. This led to a loss in customer confidence, lost sales and a major loss in revenue during the important Christmas sales season.
There was a time when foreign countries would think twice before actively attacking America in any way. This is no longer the case. World powers are increasingly viewing America as a paper tiger. We may look scary but there is no real reason to fear or respect us. At a time that we should be portraying a strong and unified sense of security within our borders, just the opposite is happening.
Today there are approximately 900,000 police officers in the United States. The vast majority are highly dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the American people. As in any society there are individuals that do not preform in a manner that is considered acceptable. The police is no exception and unfortunately the actions of a few are used to fuel hate and discontent toward our men and women in blue. Additionally, when the police perform their work in accordance to standard policy and self defense, these actions become excuses to protest our police forces. Unfortunately, Washington is not providing the leadership praising the bravery and action of our police forces. Instead of paying tribute, several government organizations have been critical of local police forces. This criticism has been launched from federal, state and local government entities. Where are the accolades from governments and the press that should be heaped on our police forces?
At this point in time when our country is being probed for weaknesses by governments and terror organizations, we need to portray a strong internal defense. Unfortunately due to recent actions pointed at the American Police, moral is dropping, arrests declining and violent crimes increasing.
It is imperative that we send a message to the world that we have the finest police force in the world and we stand behind the men and women who put their lives on the line every day. This will help to regain the prominence that America once possessed. Then and only then will the world once again respect America as a country that speaks softly and carries a big stick instead of a country that speaks a lot, has a big stick but won’t use it.


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