American Special Forces pulled off another highly publicized raid that mirrors the success of the Israeli raid on Entebbe in 1976. Like the raid in Pakistan that ultimately led to the killing of the despot Osama Bin Laden, this mission was conducted in stealth deep within another country and resulted in no American deaths while capturing vast amounts of intelligence data.
Like the raid on the Bin Laden compound the special forces team was originally tasked to capture the ISIS Oil Minister, Abu Sayyaf. Also like the Bin Laden raid, the person being focused for capture died in a hail of bullets. What is different is that Abu Sayyaf’s wife was a major player in the ISIS organization and she was taken prisoner alive. Umm Sayyaf was not only the wife of the ISIS Oil Minister, she was also the leader of ISIS human trafficking.
ISIS is notorious for its’ atrocities that have been performed on its’ Christian, military, female and Western civilian captives. Beheadings, rape and mass murders are well known. What is lesser sensationalized by the ISIS propaganda machine is the trafficking of humans; humans that are used for slaves for any activities that the owner desires. Umm Sayyaf, wife and now widow of the ISIS oil minister Abu Sayyaf, oversaw this effort to include the slavery of the captured Iraqi Christian civilians known as the Yazidis. When the American Special Forces left the ISIS compound last week they had a young Yazidis female slave that was being held by the ISIS leaders.
Some may question the correlation of the Oil Minister and CFO of ISIS and how that would align with a slavery operation. In fact the answer is quite simple. The Chief Financial Officer looks for ways to fund his organization and the selling of slaves is none way to do it. In addition to one part of the funding process for ISIS, slavery is a moral builder for a sick organization as young men and women are sold for enjoyment while at the same time destroying a part of the Christian faith.
When the notification of the mission broke onto the television screen there was much commentary pertaining to the mission. This commentary was full of speculation as to why the little known Oil Minister was picked for the mission and was there someone else that was being targeted but was not at the compound and thus the mission did not achieve its goal. In fact the Americans knew exactly what they were doing and it performed the mission to perfection.
In earlier writings I have stated that we must cut off the head of the snake and not just shoot it with BB guns. An army requires resources to win. War is a campaign of attrition. If an army cannot be supplied with material goods, it loses. Funding is what acquires the resources for an Army. Cut of the funding and you cut off the equipment, the food, the guns the ammunition and then ultimately the army will die. What better target for America than to go after the man that is responsible for acquiring the funds for ISIS. His oil revenue was bringing in two million dollars a day for the war. Also, since he is not on the top five most wanted ISIS leader list and since his compound was so far behind Syrian lines, and expectation of a mission by special forces was much lower than raids on other leaders; this mission was well selected and planned.
During the mission it was noted that there was hand to hand combat between the Americans and ISIS defendants. The last thing an enemy wants to do is to confront an American special ops member in hand to hand combat. The final outcome was twelve ISIS members killed with no American casualties. As soon as the mission concluded the coalition forces launched a large targeted air campaign that killed another thirty eight ISIS members. The head of the snake is not severed but it has definitely been cut.
The special ops team came away from the Oil Ministers compound with a major treasure trough of Intelligence documentation, the body of the dead oil minister and his wife plus it rescued a captive slave girl. It has been noted that the International Red Cross will have access to the female captive but perhaps the present administration has learned a valuable lesson in handling captives in a war. Unlike the captives in Guantanamo Bay, there is no reference at this time to requiring a lawyer present during interrogation. It will be curious to find out what interrogation methods are being used to get valuable information on ISIS command and control from the only Senior ISIS captive that America was ever had in it its custody.
High five to the American Special Ops community and those that support it. Job well done


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