This will appear in the Bernice Banner, Bernice, Louisiana, USA week of 3/30.

In the 1970s Iran was ruled by the Shah of Iran. He was a loyal supporter of America, had once lost power and was reinstated following support by the American CIA, and was holding power by increased oppression and brutality of the Iranian citizens. Eventually, civil unrest coupled with a cancer ridden Shah led to the leader fleeing to American and allowing Iran to fall under the control of a totally Islamic state headed by religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini. One oppressive regime replaced another with one major difference; the Shah was extremely loyal to the United States while Khomeini hated America and the West and declared the United States to be the Great Satan.
Amid the confusion of the Iranian Civil War and the reorganization that was taking place in Iran, Iraq saw an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. In 1980 Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Army crossed the Tigress River and invaded Iran. This launched the Iran/Iraq war and lasted almost eight years. This led to extremely high causalities on both sides, depleted the coffers of both countries and eventually led to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in an effort to capture capital resources.
It has been said that war makes strange bed fellows and the Mid-East is a prime example of this. During the war between Iran and Iraq, America and the majority of the Mid –East countries supported Iraq. Sunni controlled Saudi Arabia was in fear of Iran’s Shiite government. Iran was attacking tankers carrying Iraqi oil in the Arabian Gulf and prompted America to escort the ships through the Straits of Hormuz, a narrow gap that connects the Arabian Gulf with the Indian Ocean. At the same time the King of Saudi Arabia promised Saddam Hussein that he could use the old east-west pipeline to send oil to the Red Sea once the new line was complete. I was on that project and it was a concerted effort to have the new pipe line completed ahead of schedule. Kuwait provided Iraq finances and forward observation points. America also supported Iraq. All this changed when Iraq invaded Kuwait with one exception, Iran still despised America, the West and still had desires to dominate the Mid-East and eradicate Israel.
Saudi Arabia and the other countries that comprise the Mid-East understood the expansionist desires of Iran. Unfortunately the United States took its’ eye off the ball and Iran while Iran waited for its’ opportunity. That opportunity has come.
Amid the chaos that we have witnessed over the last several years within the Mid-East, Iran has been positioning itself to make some strategic moves and America has been caught flat footed. Even our staunchest Arab allies have lost confidence with the United States and this was proven in the events of last week in Yemen.
Iran has been making every effort to develop a nuclear weapon. They disguise this as peaceful nuclear development for power but all but the most gullible know this is a façade with the ultimate mission to produce a weapon of such destruction that it will obliterate Israel and force its’ neighbors into capitulation. The Persians will once again rule the region and then spread its’ own version of Islam. I say Persian because Iran states they are Persians and not Arabs; Persians are superior. America has been negotiating with Iran to stop the nuclear development. Washington views this peace accord as the top of its’ agenda and it is negotiating with Iran while ignoring the needs of its’ true allies. This is leaving these allies wondering how much they can truly rely on the United States.
America departed Iraq in a manner that left a vacuum in that country and ISIS moved in. While we provided certain amounts of firepower to counter ISIS, it wasn’t enough and one day we woke up to hear that Iran was providing militias and command structure to help Iraq. They are now entrenched in Iraq and are gaining the hearts and minds to that country. The ability for Iran to move in to support Iraq was a major blunder on America’s part.
Yemen was recently identified by the White House as a model for anti-terrorist actions. Last week America pulled out its’ last citizens amid a civil war that has toppled the government, led to the Yemeni president fleeing to Saudi Arabia and allowed Iran to send support to the country. If Iran is successful it will control the southern tip of Arabia and thus impact the oil exports from both East and West Saudi Arabia. This could choke the oil en-route to Japan and China and thus cause a dire impact to the world economy.
With Iran expanding control in Iraq and threatening to control Yemen, friendly Sunni countries of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai and the UAE, and Bahrain will the surrounded. Saudi took action last week and under a coalition it built they attacked rebel positions in Yemen. As bold as this move was the most astounding announcement was that it had had not consulted nor informed the United States that it was out to launch the strikes until hours before it happened. This would have been unheard of in the past. Unfortunately our Arab allies have lost confidence in America and prefer to go it alone and hit Iranian expansionist while we spend time negotiating a nuclear treaty that will never work.


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