This will appear in the Farmerville Gazette, Farmerville, Louisiana, USA Week of 3/2/21015.

They say the older a person gets the faster time goes by. One explanation is that each year represents a smaller percentage of a person’s total age and thus goes quicker. I don’t know if this is what really happens but one thing is sure, time does seem to be accelerating for me. It seems like just yesterday that I was standing on the back bay at Safaniya and heard the first boom that identified that the ground war of Desert Storm was beginning. That was thirty-four years ago and the events are as vivid today as they were then.
Today we are witnessing the worst atrocities that have ever been put on public display to such a mass audience. Murders, I won’t use the term executions as that legitimizes the actions, by decapitation, burning people alive, crucifixion and burying innocent children alive are rampant in the Middle East. These hideous crimes are staged to subrogate a geographical population and strike fear in any army that attempts to confront ISIS. Atrocities’ to strike fear is not limited to ISIS but is a method to control rebellions within the Middle East and the method is expanding to other areas of the world.
Syria and Iraq both used chemical weapons to kill innocent civilians within their own country as a means to control insurrections. Saddam Hussein used brutal tactics to include cutting out the tongues of citizens who dared to speak against him. He took grabbed power when he had members of parliament taken into custody during a session of the government and summarily executed them. He later had an interior minister executed for recommending that he step down for a short time to appease America. These tactics were effective to hold a population in check.
It should be noted that other countries in the Mid-East region have not had to resort to such brutal tactics. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain have ruled by benevolence and thus displayed leadership and foresight that grew their countries without brutalizing the population for the most part. There have been some examples of oppressing a religious sect such as the Shiites in Arabia but this has been limited and does not display a morbid fascination with torture like demonstrated in other countries.
In the early hours of the morning of August 2nd 1990 Saddam Hussein sent his army across the Kuwaiti border and quickly over ran the tiny Kuwaiti army. Saudi Arabia did not acknowledge the act had happened for forty-eight hours in hopes that Hussein would withdraw his forces. It didn’t happen and thus began the greatest military buildup since the invasion of fortress Europe in World War II; D-Day. For six months men and women from all over the world poured into Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. Ships from the larger coalition countries filled the Arabian Gulf and a permanent U.S. Navy port was established in Bahrain.
While the forces built up and more and more logistical equipment poured into staging locations the rape of Kuwait was underway. Homes, government buildings and museums were looted. Animals were killed and eaten at the zoo. When American dive teams were clearing the Kuwaiti harbor so that ships could return the grizzly remains of Pilipino dock workers were discovered chained together and thrown off the pier. There was no shock factor here to suppress the Kuwaitis; just man’s inhumanity to man. There was also another part to Desert Storm that displays the evil man will do to his fellow man when there is no rhyme or reason that would justify the actions.
As I stood on the back bay of Safaniya and listened to the first report from the cannon I looked at my watch and thought it was just exactly as announced. The construction team I had taken to Safaniya was fighting the largest oil spill in the world. This spill came from a combination of American planes hitting a tanker in Kuwaiti Harbor coupled with the Iraqi military opening up two large crude oil lines used to fill supertankers. This was bad enough to the environment but the worse was to come.
The next day while driving north a well-defined line of dark clouds could be seen. I thought the last thing we needed was rain. This bank of clouds crossed over and the sun suddenly disappeared. I shivered as the temperature dropped twenty degrees in a matter of a couple of minutes. Then it was realized that the black mass was not a cloud. The sky was covered in smoke, deep black crude oil smoke. The Iraqis had set fire to the Kuwaiti oil fields as they retreated to Iraq. Environmental damage was huge and firefighting teams such as Red Adair, Boots and Coots and teams from Poland and other nations poured into Kuwait to shut down the fires. An example of man’s inhumanity to man for no apparent reason.//


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