It has been said that history repeats itself. Perhaps we as humans are preprogrammed to behave in a certain manner. But also as humans we have the ability to learn and thus reprogram our behavior to prevent negative consequences.

Take into consideration a certain hypothetical country and see if it sounds familiar and then let’s see if history does repeat itself or if mankind has the ability to reverse its’ pre-programmed course.

Our hypothetical country had been great but decayed due to self confidence . Being so successful, our country feels it is entitled to succeed. Instead of working for further success this false sense of superiority sets the table for collapse. Prosperity can lead to this decay and over time the artificial supports holding the country up collapses.

The hypothetical country displayed a lack of loyalty from its inhabitants and the decay escalated as individuals cared more for themselves than their fellow citizens or country. Taxes increased on marginal lands to pay for state sponsored programs., Agriculture declined and thus led to higher food prices. With less land in production more property taxes must be levied and the downward economic spiral continues. Price controls were put into affect and the goods were priced significantly lower than they could be produced. The free market was being eliminated. Oppressive taxation caused a decrease in trade and technical creativity. All of this led the wealth of the nation to be drastically impacted.

As our country displays more problems, society becomes more complex as it attempts to solve these social problems. Bureaucracy and regulations expand as our country becomes more desperate to solve its’ problems. As our country grew and expanded its sphere of influence over other countries it incurred additional costs to send troops and aid to reinforce its’ power. This increased cost depleted resources that are needed to sustain the population of the home country.

Disease weakened the social fiber of the country. Humans that were protected by their own immune systems were introduced to strains of infections that could not be stopped and thus valuable resources, the inhabitants, were reduced. The country suffered.

Threats from enemies and finally actual military incursions from these enemies required resources to be used to protect our hypothetical country. Nations that did not require a complex system to survive and were able to provide goods with less resources and these countries expanded within the sphere of influence of our country. Competition and economic advantage was on the side of our countries enemies.

This country is in fact not hypothetical. It was the most advanced and magnificent country in the world at that time and for 2000 years no other country compared until the birth of the United States of America. The country was Rome and the above text describes the actions that led to it ultimate collapse. These same conditions are present in our own great country today. Will we let history repeat itself or will we learn from past mistakes.

By understanding the past we have a window for the future. It is so important for the future of our country to understand the forces that led to the collapse of other nations. Over taxation instead of physical responsibility, feeding a man a fish instead of teaching him to fish and committing vast armies to maintain peace instead of teaching other free governments to maintain their own safety are examples of what can leave to our own demise.


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