In the 1980s there was a movie named “North Dallas Forty”. There was a line in it where Nick Nolte was told, “Seeing through the game is not the same as winning it”. This statement was no more apparent than what transpired last week.
The president of the United States is nothing less than brilliant. He is a graduate of one of the most prestigious law schools in the world, Harvard. In addition to be a student from this Ivy League school, he was president of the Harvard Law Review. This makes him the crème de la crème of Harvard Law School graduates. He was an organizer in Chicago and as a junior United States Senator he was nominated for and won the election for the President of the United States; not once but twice. He is a magnificent fund raiser and has done much good financially for his Democratic party. He plays the political game very well. Almost as well as former President Bill Clinton. While he can do all this, his administration has problems effectively lead our great nation in times of crisis.
Peoples of all religions have done horrible and despicable things in the name of their religion even though these deeds are totally foreign to the teachings of the religion. A message of understanding of one another’s belief and reinforcing that this country was built on a major cornerstone of freedom of religion. Last week our president made statements that singled out Christians and warned that this faith does not need to get on its’ “high horse” when talking about Islam. This was a major misfire and only led to force a wedge between peaceful Muslims and other religions instead of unifying all religions to confront a terrorist organization that is killing in the name of Islam. Instead of viewing ourselves in terms of religious sects we must view ourselves as Americans that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States; the freedom to worship as one desires.
The negative comments spoken was at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. This gathering is organized by the Fellowship Foundation, a Christ based organization, and is hosted by members of the United States Congress. It was very discerning to have Christians spoken to in a manner that came across as a lecture that demeaned the religion. How unfortunate that this happened at a time in America when we are in such a crisis with Islamic Terrorist bent on destruction or our nation and the entire western world. I feel confident that if the president had that moment at the Prayer Breakfast to live over again he would certainly not repeat that mistake and rephrase his address. Over 100 countries are represented in a meeting that contains about 3,500 invitees.
While the prayer breakfast was being held Jordan proved to be the one that spoke softly but carried a big stick. America stated that it would hit more targets if they could be found. Jordan had no problem finding the targets and slammed ISIS two days after the diabolical murder of one of its pilots by ISIS; just as Jordan said it was going to do. They have not let up and did not wait for negotiations, approval or any other rhetoric. A new leader in the world has emerged in our war on terrorism.
“He who hesitates is lost”. This statement dates back to 1713. This is no more true than today and for America it takes on two meanings. If we hesitate to act against terrorism in the Mid-East we find it harder and harder to win the war. Every week we hesitate is an additional month we will have to be in battle to regain freedom in our world. Also if we hesitate to act we are going to lose the role of prominence that America has so long held. At this point in time the world is looking at Jordan, the small country in the Mid-East with no oil reserves and struggling with over 2 million Syrian refugees, as the leader in the war on terror. And why is this? Jordan said they are going to do something and they did it and it was decisive and it was quick. There was no question that they were in the middle of this war. America has to regain this image and we have to do it quickly. In addition to our war against ISIS, our support of Ukraine by
Russian insurgents is leaving the world asking if we are truly a world leader or a world observer.
The war on ISIS is four fold. We have to hit them hard and hit them fast. Recently we attacked ISIS with seven air sorties in one day. This is about one percent of what took place in Desert Storm. This has to be greatly expanded. Second, we have to get weapons into the hands of Jordan and revolutionaries in Syria. Had the rebels been armed three years ago we would not be in this mess today. Third and very importantly, we must get Arab Muslims into the fight on the ground. Turkey must commit troops to the fight as does Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The diplomacy required to get these troops in place must include financial and material support from Japan and Europe. It will take a lot of financial resources to support an army that will be required to destroy ISIS. Forth, we must go after the financial support that is feeding ISIS. Cut off the funds and thus cut off the head.

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