This will appear in the Farmerville Gazette, Farmerville, Louisiana, USA, the week of Feb 2nd 2015.

On occasion I have written about the need to strike ISIS in a hard and fast manner. I pointed out that the longer we wait the greater that ISIS will solidify its’ hold on geographic gains while winning the hearts and minds of youth around the world. If we continue to wait, this cancer will embolden itself, grow and turn into an even greater threat to America, the West and freedom in general. ISIS is much like horrors of the holocaust in Germany and the purges in Russia following World War II. It is attempting to reshape a religion into something foreign to the religion’s original concept. Thus young impressionable youths are attracted to militant Islam and Western youth are converted to a concept that promises a euphoric rush in life that only sedition and ideological change provides. What is not understood is that this is no video game and the consequences are real. What Washington and much of the free world have failed to understand is that delaying to act in a manner that will bring quick success is allowing ISIS to win a protracted war.
This week has witnessed the horrors of ISIS as it snubs its’ nose at the free world. Two Japanese were beheaded and the last murder prompted the assassin to declare that Japan was now targeted. Japan has done nothing more than sending supplies to refugees that are in need of food and clothing yet ISIS has declared that Tokyo is now in the ISIS crosshairs. To make this situation even more dire, Japan had tried to negotiate a return of the citizens. Instead of responding to its’ own demands for negotiating the release, ISIS instead killed the captives.
Of course America recently made comments that again make us look indecisive and confused. Jordan, a staunch ally of America, had a pilot captured while on a bombing run in Syria. Jordan has been trying to negotiate with ISIS for a prisoner exchange to get the pilot back. The Whitehouse spokesman stated last week that America is not in favor of this because we do not negotiate with terrorist. Many a jaw dropped with that comment from a Whitehouse that had negotiated the release of a suspected deserter from the U.S. Army for the release of five Taliban Generals in Afghanistan.
History shows that a long protracted war becomes harder for an established government to win as the war lingers on. Lost lives lead to grieving families back home while financial drains on a government eventually cause distress to social programs at home. We have witnessed this on many occasions.
In 1775 America began a fight with Britain which quickly became an all-out war. This war eventually became very unpopular in England and in 1783 after thousands of lives being lost and massive expenditures, eight years after it began Great Britain, the greatest military in the world, allowed America to have its’ freedom.
America’s Civil War saw war wearness in the draft riots of New York City. Fifty percent of New York’s income came from the South’s cotton. After two years of financial stress from the Civil War the federal government enacted a draft to get more men to the front lines. Riots ensued and 120 civilians were killed. Had Robert E. Lee not invaded the North for a loss at Gettysburg the war may have taken a different turn that could have meant a detrimental end to the restoration of our great nation.
Recently America was caught up in a war of attrition in Viet Nam. The first American advisors entered Viet Nam in 1955. The war slowly escalated and then in the mid-60s the escalation accelerated. At the height, the war was costing America as much as a billion dollars a day. America poured massive resources into the fight and thousands of young men and women lost their lives while others returned with physical and emotional scars. Protests were forming around the country and despite the destruction of the Viet Cong during the Tet offensive, the will to continue was diminishing. Attrition took its’ toll and America pulled out of Viet Nam much as the British had done a hundred and fifty years earlier.
We are now embarking on a mission that must be realized at the onset will not be a short endeavor. It will be drawn out and it will be bloody and it will be costly. America must be prepared for this. ISIS has nothing to lose and their expansion of ideology is their only mission. America and the free world has everything to lose and we must realize that our way of life with freedom of passage throughout the world is being diminished.
The longer we wait the longer the war will be. This war must be multifaceted with a strong military campaign while at the same time winning the hearts and minds of those that would have otherwise joined ISIS or other terrorist organizations. What we cannot do is lose faith in our goals and we must have the strong leadership to make the hard decisions while rallying our country.


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