Posted: January 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Michael Moore has every right to say what he wants. That is his right and it is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Greatest Nation in the world. I also have the same right so I can say that Moore does not deserve the attention that he is receiving from his assinine, ignorant statements. His father said that snipers ae cowards. My mother told me that everything is fair in love and war and that is no more true than the work that is required of an American sniper. This is not a Western movie where the good guy stands up in front ot the bad guy to give him a chance to kill you. That proved stupic in World War I. This is real world combat and the sniper has a mission to kill the enemy and protect his own collegues; end of story. Moore is that type of person during the Viet Nam war that would walk off a bus, look at a man in uniform and spit on him as he exited. He just did this vry thing in effigy.


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