It’s time that America wakes up and calls terrorism for what it is; terrorism. Several years ago a major in the United States Army Medical Corps walked onto Fort Hood at Waco Texas, opened fire and killed twelve and wounded thirty others. The major had been reported to have been posting terrorist quotes months before his attack and was displeased with American policy. He was shot and captured and today hopes to die a martyr. While this is so tragic what is just as heartbreaking is that the American government has failed to call this an act of terrorism. Instead our government has declared this to be an act of workplace violence. Glossing over such actions has to stop.
America has to wake up and instead of embracing political correctness it has to deal with the fact that we are in the middle of a war; a war that in many areas is not the traditional wars that have been waged for thousands of years. Instead it is a war that has tactics that are new, innovative and utilizes modern technology. Just like America used non-conventional tactics against the greatest army in the world and ultimately gained its independence; the terrorist armies of today are using nonconventional methods to carry out its war. If America and the free countries of the West do not understand this and outwardly acknowledge the fact then we are in for a long and disastrous war we will certainly lose.
It is imperative that America freely acknowledge that we are in a war against terrorist organizations that hide behind the cloak of the Muslim religion to gain power and status. It is wrong to vilify all members of a religion because a few have misrepresented doctrine of the religion to fill a void in their own lives. It is also wrong for a nation to soft step what is truly wrong within its own country and the world for fear that condemnation of an act will be politically incorrect.
Someone may use the term Islamic Terrorism to describe organizations such as Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood or some other terrorist group that perpetuates a war of terror in the name of Islam. It has to be understood that an Islamic Terrorist is not practicing the Muslim faith but is instead hiding behind the faith. If this is understood then the use of the term Islamic Terrorist should be readily used to describe those that attack America and its’ allies incorrectly in the name of Mohammed. Come on government, call it like it is for what it is.
The war against Islamic Terrorism must be waged on several fronts. One tactic is the traditional warfare such as what ISIS is waging in Iraq. It is important that we take the fight to ISIS in a traditional manner and hit them hard. This means air and ground. We must make a stand and this stand must leave no doubt that we are in this war to win. Another tactic used by the terrorist is to convince the Muslim clerics that terrorism is the way of the future. We must convince the Imams that living together in tolerance is the only way to a peaceful future. Terrorism is not the way of the future. The leader of Egypt realizes this and has told the Muslim clerics to tone down the antagonistic rhetoric. A third tactic used by Islamic Terrorist groups is to convert peaceful Muslims within a Western country to become terrorist. The terrorist will make the Muslims feel like they are aliens and are oppressed and they need to rise up and fight the Westerners that have oppressed them. It is very important that America reaches out to its’ Muslim community and assure the community that we are all Americans and as such are all protected under the guarantees of the Constitution of the United States. The Muslim community is our biggest defense against Islamic Terrorism within our border. We are all American and we are all in this together.
Unfortunately this crisis of terrorism has been growing for years. We cannot ignore it and we cannot fight the war by waging battles without publically acknowledging that are in a fight. Let the world know what we are doing to beat terrorism and send the message that we in this war to win it. It is going to take a long time to triumph in all aspects of this war but it must be won. Losing is not an option.


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